Sjoerd van Dijk

Sjoerd van Dijk has been a leading IAM expert at Tools4ever for 7 years. With a technical background as a foundation, Sjoerd has evolved from a technical consultant to a trainer in HelloID. His extensive experience in managing user accounts drives him to continuously elevate security and efficiency through IAM.

Meet Sjoerd van Dijk: expert in identity & access management at Tools4ever

Introducing Sjoerd van Dijk, an indispensable force at Tools4ever for 7 years. Sjoerd, originally a techie with a degree in technical office automation, has a great passion for software and consultancy. From the outset, he has excelled as both an implementation and business consultant, with a penchant for scripting. Today, he leverages his skills to guide customers through HelloID.

A rich background in technology and software

Before joining Tools4ever, Sjoerd gained experience in both software development and infrastructure management. These experiences have given him a solid foundation and a clear understanding of the challenges within IAM.

Ongoing development and knowledge sharing

Sjoerd stays updated on the latest trends and technologies in his field. He regularly participates in training and eagerly shares his knowledge with others. His training includes PowerShell, business consultancy, Microsoft 365, and he is currently undergoing training to become a Systems Security Certified Practitioner (SSCP). Additionally, he keeps his knowledge current by following technical news through newsletters from leading sources like Microsoft.

Why he chooses a career in IAM?

Sjoerd is passionate about identity and access management (IAM) due to its complexity and the significant time investment required for managing user accounts. He has seen how simple errors in naming conventions or the omission of rights adjustments can lead to serious security risks. These personal experiences make him especially motivated to commit to IAM.

Personal passions and teamwork

Outside of work, Sjoerd is a family man and an avid airsoft player. These personal interests complement his professional approach and highlight the importance of collaboration and communication in every project.



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