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HelloID Access Management, a cloud-based module, plays a crucial role within the Identity & Access Management (IAM) solution known as HelloID. This module simplifies, expedites and enhances user-friendly access to all the applications used for business purposes by employees. This advancement not only boosts productivity but also optimises security, ultimately leading to improved user satisfaction.

  • Do your employees lose considerable time logging into IT services?
  • Are employees frequently unable to work because they forgot their passwords?
  • Is your helpdesk inundated with a high volume of support tickets related to password resets?
  • These challenges are now a thing of the past!

Your employees work with various applications, and in terms of security, each application requires unique login credentials. This quickly leads to users having to remember dozens of login details, which presents a set of challenges. Employees may forget passwords, resulting in lost productivity. They may also opt for using weaker passwords that are easier to remember, which directly impacts your organisation’s digital security.

High productivity demands optimal access to the applications employees require, and HelloID Access Management ensures optimal control in this department. Thanks to HelloID, employees only need to log in once to access a user-friendly dashboard, providing them with access to all the cloud applications they work with from any location and device.

log in once

A best practice in digital security is the use of strong, unique passwords. This practice prevents people with malicious intentions from gaining access to multiple applications in case they wrongfully acquire login credentials. In practice, this means users have to log in to a significant number of (cloud) applications. With HelloID Access Management, you can circumvent this, and your employees only need to log in once to a user-friendly dashboard.


Given the current competitiveness in the job market, it is crucial to maximise the productivity of the professionals you have. It is essential to eliminate as many obstacles and hindrances to productivity as possible. HelloID Access Management assists in achieving this by streamlining access to the applications your employees need. This ensures that your professionals can achieve peak productivity.

user satisfaction

The need to repeatedly log in to various applications can lead to frustration and discontent. This not only disrupts employees’ workflow but also increases the risk of them forgetting one of the many unique passwords they need to remember, thereby impeding access to essential applications. HelloID Access Management eliminates these challenges and propels user satisfaction to new highs.

security and compliance

HelloID Access Management marks the end of solely relying on passwords. Our layered security approach significantly reduces the likelihood of security breaches. With Single Sign-On (SSO), employees need to remember fewer passwords, reducing the temptation to reuse weak ones. Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA) adds an extra layer of security, further diminishing the likelihood of hacking attempts. This allows you to achieve both top-notch security and compliance, without compromising user-friendliness.

Support for a wide array of applications

Your employees depend on a diverse range of IT applications for their daily tasks. HelloID Access Management offers support for all your IT systems and cloud-based applications, ensuring streamlined access to your entire IT landscape.

User-friendly digital workspace

HelloID Access Management seamlessly integrates with leading social intranet and IT management solutions, including TOPdesk, AFAS, SharePoint, Embrace, triptic (Iris Intranet) and a&m impact. Users log in to the social intranet to access their personalised portal, which provides all the necessary information and communication tools. Additionally, the convenient HelloID widget allows direct access to business applications from the social intranet, creating a user-friendly digital workspace for your professionals.

Additional security with MFA

Each application may require a different level of security, and for your most sensitive applications, multi-factor authentication (MFA) may be necessary. MFA requires employees to go beyond username and password and perform one or more additional verification steps. HelloID Access Management provides comprehensive support for MFA, offering various free verification methods such as FIDO, Push-to-Verify, SMS and email. Furthermore, the module seamlessly integrates with Microsoft Authenticator and Google Authenticator, allowing continued support for existing MFA methods and tokens.

A unified authentication approach

Given the growing adoption of MFA in order to meet ISO and NEN guidelines, there has been a proliferation of authentication methods. HelloID Access Management eliminates this complexity by streamlining MFA into a single, unified method, enhancing user-friendliness.

Customer stories

Numerous organisations have adopted HelloID Access Management. Here are insights from some of them:


“We began with a one-month proof of concept. After this trial period, we decided to transition to the live environment. Within just one week, we expanded from 10 locations to 800 locations.”

Paul VermeerAlbronRead the case study

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HelloID Access Management, a module within HelloID, delivers swift, secure and efficient access to the applications your workforce relies on. With just one login to a user-friendly dashboard, your employees can access all the necessary applications effortlessly.

HelloID supports virtually all popular standards and applications. This enables you to provide access to all your cloud-based applications within your IT landscape through an easy-to-use solution. Moreover, it allows for logins not only with cloud-based identity providers such as Microsoft Entra and Google Workspace, but also with your trusted on-premises Active Directory.

Using the same passwords across platforms poses significant security risks. If the login credentials for a particular application are inadvertently exposed, attackers may attempt to use them to access other business applications. Using unique passwords prevents this. However, in practice, employees often have to remember a large number of passwords, which can lead to them choosing weaker passwords for easy recollection. HelloID Access Management addresses this issue and elevates your digital security to a higher level.

HelloID is designed for a smooth and rapid implementation process, and HelloID Access Management is no exception. Additionally, you have access to comprehensive documentation that guides you through the implementation step by step. Should you have any questions, a team of experts is available to provide support.

HelloID Access Management contributes to cost savings in several ways. Cyber incidents can be extremely costly. You run the risk of sensitive customer data being exposed, leading to reputation damage or financial repercussions. If a data breach reveals inadequate security measures, you may even face fines for violating relevant laws and regulations, such as the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). However, consider the productivity of your staff as well. When employees can’t be optimally productive, they may not deliver the expected value, potentially resulting in lost revenue. HelloID Access Management helps prevent these scenarios.

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