As an educational institution, the growth and development of your students are at the heart of what you do. With today's unique challenges, a safe and automated solution for user management is key to success in any educational setting. Reduce the burden on your IT department and open the classroom doors to efficiency with HelloID, our cloud identity & access management solution. Let's ring that school bell and welcome a new era in educational management!

Education is all about creating a stimulating and safe learning environment. Essential to achieving this is quick and straightforward access to appropriate systems and information for teachers, students, staff and parents/guardians. At the same time, ensuring data privacy and compliance with regulations is of paramount importance. There is a lively dance between access and control, and HelloID is your perfect dancing partner.

The complex setup of various source systems that are simultaneously target systems, as well as the many rights per class, mentor group, year and cohort bring challenges. HelloID offers a comprehensive IAM solution tailored to meet these dynamic educational challenges.

  • Instantly automate your changes
    With HelloID, lengthy nights wrestling with bulk modifications are a thing of the past.
  • Simplify and dynamically manage complex rights
    Ensure that users have access only to necessary information and avoid superfluous rights.
  • Seamlessly integrate your source and target systems
    HelloID’s integrations make managing access as easy as ABC!

Efficient enrolment, transition, and exit processes

HelloID automates the enrolment, transition, and exit processes, saving time and minimising errors. This applies to students, parents and guardians, as well as staff members. Thanks to the IAM solution, you have fewer headaches and more time for what really counts: education.


Secure data management

With HelloID’s robust authorisation matrix, you can set strict access controls to protect student and staff data. Using dynamic permissions, you minimize the management burden per user when assigning authorisations.


Compliance with regulations

Thanks to our cloud-based IAM solution, educational institutions can demonstrably comply with relevant laws and regulations, such as the GDPR and ISO 27001.

Management of user changes in bulk at the start of the school year

The start of the school year typically means an avalanche of user changes. With HelloID, you can automate this process smoothly, ensuring timely addition and removal of accounts and eliminating human errors. This makes the transition to a new school year streamlined and efficient.

Integration with various data sources

Data integration can be complex, involving various sources for students, staff, teachers and parents/guardians. HelloID offers a streamlined solution for achieving consistent and accurate data exchange. This improves collaboration, reduces the chance of errors and makes information management more manageable for you.

Navigating a complex landscape with source and target systems

Many source systems can also be target systems. The complexity this entails requires a specialised approach. With HelloID’s source and target connectors, including dynamic permissions, you have a solution that fits the unique needs of your educational institution. The clear structure and ease of management ensure smooth operation of your IT landscape.

Managing a multitude of rights per class, subject, mentor group, year and cohort

In education, managing rights can be a challenging task. HelloID makes assigning and managing rights error-free and efficient. Whether we’re talking about individual classes, subjects, mentor groups, years or cohorts, HelloID ensures that access and authorisation are always appropriate and under your control.


“Identity Management is at the heart of our service delivery. Consequently, we were in search of a trustworthy partner with an innovative solution, a clear product vision and a genuine synergy with our team. Tools4ever has fully delivered on this with their HelloID service and their partner QAP360.”

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