Many applications, one password

Eliminate the hassle of password management

Improved data security. Less user frustration. A single password.

PSM serves as the perfect choice for organisations in search of a rapidly deployable solution for automated password management. When an end-user resets their Active Directory password, PSM instantly updates the password across all connected applications. This means end-users only need to remember one password for all their applications, relieving them of the hassle of updating passwords in various systems and applications.

Advantages of Password Synchronisation Manager (PSM)

Streamlined password management for time and cost savings

Have you ever wondered how much time is wasted on a daily basis throughout the organisation dealing with password-related issues? If your organisation is like most, this amount is probably much larger than you’d prefer, and the lost time quickly translates to lost revenue. PSM offers a straightforward solution for implementing password synchronisation, delivering immediate benefits such as reduced helpdesk inquiries and improved user satisfaction.

Enhanced user convenience

End-users no longer have to juggle multiple passwords for various applications; they can now use a single, robust password.

Cost efficiency

A reduction in password reset requests for the helpdesk leads to time and cost savings.

Improved security

End-users no longer resort to jotting down their passwords on items such as post-it notes, resulting in improved data security.

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