One and done

Eliminate the hassle of managing multiple passwords

Password Synchronization Manager lets end users securely access the information they need to with one password

How nice would it be if your end users only had a single password to remember and manage for their critical business applications? Tools4ever can help make that happen with one simple solution. With Password Synchronization Manager (PSM), one password securely manages all of the critical business systems and applications your end users need to access. Simplicity is key and what's more simple than managing a single password.

Better Security. Fewer Headaches. One Password.

Better Security. Fewer Headaches. One Password.

PSM is the perfect solution for an organization looking for a quick to implement solution for automated password management. When an end user resets their network password, PSM ensures that all connected applications receive the new password in real time. The result is end users only need to remember one password for all applications and never have to worry about updating passwords in multiple systems.

Simplified Password Management Saves Time and Money

Eliminate the need for remembering multiple passwords and save money in the process. How much time is wasted on a daily basis throughout your organization due to password related issues? If, like most, that number is much higher than you'd like it to be, the lost time quickly adds up to lost revenue. With PSM, you can easily implement a password synchronization solution that will have an immediate impact on your bottom line by reducing helpdesk calls and improving user satisfaction.

Get Started with PSM and Experience...

Increased user convenience

Increased User Convenience & Productivity

End-users only need to remember a single password to gain access to their various systems and applications.

Cost reduction

Cost Reduction

Save time and money thanks to enhanced productivity and a reduction of helpdesk calls.

Enhanced security

Enhanced Security

With only one password to remember, the need for alternate password reminders (i.e., sticky notes) is eliminated and security is enhanced.