Using HelloID, the IT Identity Management processes at Codarts have been realised quickly, cost-efficiently and error-free. Codarts thereby retains control over the functional management itself and is thus prepared for future process changes, new innovations and growth.

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Codarts is customer since 2019 en QAP360 partner since 2018
  • Together with our partner QAP360, we implemented a complete cloud-based identity management solution using HelloID Provisioning and Service Automation.
  • 100% cloud-based and future-proof solution

Future-proof Identity-as-a-Service for Codarts University

Codarts is a leading international conservatoire offering bachelor’s and master’s degrees in music and performing arts (including dance, musical theatre and circus). Tools4ever and our partner QAP360 provided Codarts with an Identity-as-a-Service (IDaaS) solution for the benefit of its students and (guest) staff.

Codarts has over 1,000 students and about 420 staff members. The Information Management and IT (IMIT) team is responsible for overseeing all IT services for all these people, adopting a strategy heavily focused on utilising cloud-based Software-as-a-Service solutions to the fullest. The suppliers handle the technical management, freeing up the Codarts team to focus entirely on the quality and further development of the service. The institution was seeking a robust Identity-as-a-Service solution for user account management, access control and self-service password resets. Moreover, it was crucial that the solution seamlessly integrated with Codarts’ complex business and educational processes and that the Information Management team remained in control of the functional management.

“We made a very conscious choice to work with Tools4ever,” explains Roberto Barros Andrade (Head of Information Management & IT at Codarts). “We conducted an extensive market scan with multiple suppliers. Tools4ever stood out because of their clear Identity-as-a-Service vision, the user-friendliness of the solution, and its modular structure with ample room for custom client developments. Their approach is grounded in a clear product vision but without being rigid. They were completely open to engaging in discussions to design a solution with us that allows our organisation to advance into the future. There was an immediate rapport and mutual trust. For me, trust in a supplier’s people is essential. After all, Identity Management plays a central role in our IT landscape, is involved in every process, and the functionality must be available 24/7.”

“Identity Management sits at the heart of our service provision. Hence, we were on the lookout for a dependable partner who offered an innovative solution, a clear vision for their product, and genuinely resonated with our team. Tools4ever and their partner QAP360 have perfectly delivered on this with the HelloID service.”

Roberto Barros Andrade, Head of Information Management & IT at Codarts University

A modular structure with a clear path for growth

“The modular design of HelloID was crucial for the development of our solution,” explains Barros Andrade. “Initially, we used the HelloID Access Management module. However, with the implementation of Microsoft 365, this became unnecessary. From that point, we primarily used the Azure Active Directory functionality for Single Sign-On and Self-Service Password Reset. We also employ the HelloID Provisioning module for automated account creation, user rights management and automatic deactivation of accounts when someone leaves the organisation. A connection has been established with AFAS for staff data and with Osiris for student data. Once a staff member or student is registered in these source systems, HelloID automatically generates a user account, providing access to all the systems they need at Codarts. This includes everything from Microsoft 365 Office features to, depending on their role, service management apps, financial platforms, scheduling systems, card management systems and various learning management systems.”



Flexibility thanks to Service Automation

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For Codarts, the flexibility of the solution is key, as Barros Andrade illustrates. “Codarts as an organisation doesn’t fit into a template, and standard on- and off-boarding processes are insufficient. Both the students and (guest) lecturers and staff are incredibly diverse with numerous different ‘journeys in the lifecycle’. People often have temporary positions that don’t necessarily align with the academic year. Additionally, individuals may hold various part-time positions and roles across multiple academies. Being able to fine-tune our provisioning processes is only the starting point. Currently, we are working with the HelloID Service Automation module to develop our own guest account module. This allows administrative staff to create guest accounts for temporary workers themselves. HelloID thus provides the necessary flexibility within Codarts.”

Codarts remains in control

It is vital for Codarts to maintain hands-on control over the functional management of their system. Barros Andrade sheds light on this necessity: “Given the scarcity of Identity Management experts, we don’t want to be dependent on them. Thankfully, our collaboration with Tools4ever strikes the perfect balance. They concentrate on product development, delivering cloud services and providing technical support. Meanwhile, the intuitive management interface empowers our team to manage the service and adapt it to fit our specific needs and preferences. They’ve benefited from comprehensive hands-on training provided by Tools4ever, equipping them to manage our system effectively. For more complex adjustments in the backend, we have direct lines to the engineers at QAP360. That’s exactly what we wanted.”