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HelloID Service Automation is a fully cloud-based module integrated within HelloID. This module empowers employees to independently and digitally manage various work-related tasks, similar to their personal lives. This, in turn, alleviates the workload on the IT service desk, resulting in a reduction in support tickets and a reduction in the need for frequent employee assistance.

  • Are you aiming to enhance your staff’s self-sufficiency when it comes to requesting, assigning, and revoking IT resources?
  • Is your goal to bridge the gap between employees and the IT department?
  • Do you seek to minimise the number of support tickets submitted to the service desk?
  • You can tackle these challenges effectively with HelloID Service Automation!

Attracting and retaining talented employees presents a challenge for every organisation. Consequently, your IT service desk may also be grappling with staff shortages. Simultaneously, numerous departments often face pressure due to the high volume of support tickets they need to handle.

HelloID Service Automation offers a solution to this challenge. While employees often manage personal tasks online, they frequently depend on the IT service desk for various workplace needs. HelloID Service Automation changes this dynamic by empowering employees to independently request their IT resources online. Once approved by a responsible party, these resources are promptly allocated, reducing the reliance on the IT department and alleviating the workload of the IT service desk.

No more waiting times

IT service desks often deal with a substantial volume of tickets, resulting in extended waiting times for end-users. HelloID Service Automation eradicates these waiting periods. Employees can autonomously submit requests for IT resources, and HelloID presents these requests to a designated authority for approval. Upon approval, HelloID automatically grants the requested resources or revokes any relinquished resources. This entire process transpires seamlessly, eliminating waiting times for end-users.

Enhancing end-user satisfaction

End-users reap multiple benefits from HelloID Service Automation. The module reduces waiting times for IT resource requests, enabling them to swiftly regain productivity. It also bestows greater control upon them and streamlines the process of acquiring IT resources. Employing HelloID Service Automation leads to heightened end-user satisfaction.

Reducing pressure on the service desk by minimising the ticket volume

Similar to other departments, IT service desks often face substantial pressure, intensified by factors such as a competitive job market, increasing digitisation of businesses, and a resulting surge in ticket volume. In practice, this means that service desks must accomplish more with limited resources. HelloID Service Automation is a game-changer in this regard, alleviating the service desk’s workload.

Enabling cost savings for the IT service desk

The high workload experienced by IT service desks comes at a cost. This includes not only potential overtime for service personnel to manage the influx of tickets but also missed business opportunities due to untimely ticket handling. HelloID Service Automation reduces the workload, enabling cost savings.

Integration with Active Directory and over 150 IT systems and applications

HelloID Service Automation offers extensive integration capabilities, automating substantial portions of your IT landscape. The module seamlessly integrates with Active Directory and more than 150 IT systems and applications. Thanks to these integrations, HelloID Service Automation can execute approved requests directly and entirely automatically within the IT infrastructure. Moreover, the module automatically revokes IT resources when a user’s access period expires, preventing unnecessary licensing costs and strengthening security. HelloID Service Automation seamlessly integrates into the portals of leading social intranet and IT management solutions, including systems from renowned providers such as TOPdesk, AFAS, Embrace, triptic (Iris Intranet), and a&m impact.

Creating more room for innovation

Many of the tickets received by service desks are repetitive and relatively straightforward. However, the IT service desk invests a significant amount of time in handling these tickets. HelloID Service Automation significantly automates this process, relieving the service desk and allowing the department to allocate more time to supporting innovations that add value to the business.

Supports verifiable compliance with laws and regulations

Every company must comply with relevant laws and regulations, such as the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) and the Network and Information Systems Security (NIS) Regulations. A key requirement for compliance is the ability to demonstrate that you adequately monitor and record access to and the use of IT resources. With HelloID Service Automation, you maintain control and can provide tangible evidence of compliance. This ensures transparency regarding who submitted each request, how it was assessed, and how HelloID Service Automation handled the request.

Customer stories

Many customers already trust HelloID Service Automation. Some of them share their experiences:

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“Identity Management is at the heart of our service delivery. Consequently, we were in search of a trustworthy partner with an innovative solution, a clear product vision and a genuine synergy with our team. Tools4ever has fully delivered on this with their HelloID service and their partner QAP360.”

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HelloID Service Automation is a module integrated within the Identity & Access Management (IAM) solution known as HelloID, offered by Tools4ever. This module significantly streamlines ticket handling processes and provides employees with self-service capabilities. As a result, it relieves the IT service desk and enhances end-user satisfaction.

HelloID Service Automation seamlessly integrates with a diverse range of systems, including Active Directory, alongside 150 other widely used IT systems and applications. This module is capable of automating substantial segments of your IT environment. For a comprehensive list of all the IT systems and applications that HelloID Service Automation can integrate with, please consult our connector catalogue.

HelloID Service Automation automates the processing of user requests. This allows end-users to make targeted requests for the IT resources they need and empowers them to deactivate resources they no longer require. HelloID consistently submits such requests to an authorised approver for validation. Implementation of the requested changes in your IT systems only occurs after approval. Thanks to the automation capabilities of HelloID Service Automation, you can proactively prevent human errors, such as the failure to promptly revoke access rights for departing employees. Consequently, this results in an elevated level of digital security for your organisation.

HelloID Service Automation, like all other HelloID components, has been designed for a smooth and straightforward implementation process. With comprehensive documentation readily available, answers to most questions can be easily found. Additionally, our team of experts is readily available to assist you every step of the way, whether it involves configuring HelloID Service Automation or helping employees get started with the module.

HelloID Service Automation alleviates the burden on your IT service desk. This not only reduces the need for overtime but also allows the service desk to focus on providing optimal support to your business and delivering added value. Moreover, it helps prevent human errors, which can lead to various issues such as problems with accounts and permissions that hinder employees from performing their tasks effectively, missed business opportunities due to delayed ticket handling, or even compliance-related fines. By leveraging HelloID Service Automation, you can mitigate these risks, strengthen your overall business operations and, consequently, realise cost savings.

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