Single Sign-On

Simple and uniform access to cloud applications for staff, partners and (potentially) clients

Log in only once to access all cloud applications

Single Sign-On (SSO) is a method that offers users a seamless and secure gateway to all applications and systems they require. Users only need to log in once, and then they can access all their company applications through an intuitive portal or dashboard.

  • Increased user satisfaction & productivity: Users no longer need to remember numerous complex passwords and can spend less time on the login process. After logging in just once, they have immediate access to all their applications.
  • Minimise strain on the IT helpdesk: As users have fewer passwords to remember, this results in fewer tickets related to forgotten passwords.
  • Enhanced security: With SSO, the reuse of weak passwords is avoided, thereby achieving a higher level of security.

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Why choose Single Sign-On?

digital security

Using unique and strong passwords for different applications and services is essential nowadays. Single Sign-On helps achieve this goal by allowing users to remember just one strong password. This reduces the temptation to reuse or jot down weak passwords. This means your organisation can elevate its security level without compromising user-friendliness.


With Single Sign-On, employees don’t need to log in separately for each application. This saves valuable time and minimises the chance of forgotten passwords. In an environment where employees use various applications and services, this can lead to significant improvements in operational efficiency.

the IT department's workload

A common issue in organisations is the constant request to reset passwords, which consumes a lot of time and resources. Single Sign-On reduces the strain on IT departments by decreasing the number of forgotten passwords and, consequently, the number of helpdesk tickets. This allows IT teams to focus more on strategic initiatives and proactive security measures.

A Look at the Options

Identity verification

Streamlined identification and authorisation of users are at the heart of Single Sign-On. This is possible thanks to a close integration with your Identity Provider (IdP), which acts as the central authentication server. This includes Active Directory, Azure AD, Google Workspace or HelloID itself.

Integrated application dashboard

From the application dashboard, users have an overview of all the applications they have permissions for and can access the required applications with a single click. Moreover, the dashboard can be seamlessly integrated into popular social intranets such as Embrace, Iris Intranet and a&m impact. This integration offers an even smoother user experience and reduces the need to switch between different platforms.

Support for all common protocols

HelloID supports all popular and standard protocols for Single Sign-On. This includes Security Assertion Markup Language (SAML), OpenID Connect (OIDC) and Web Service Federation (WS-Federation). If the applications you use support Single Sign-On, it is highly likely that they are compatible with HelloID.


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Single Sign-On & HelloID Access Management

HelloID Access Management is one of the modules of the Identity & Access Management (IAM) solution HelloID. This module ensures that users get easy and consistent access to the applications they require. Users sign in with a username and password. As an additional security measure, you can opt for Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA). This means that users, alongside their login details, must also verify their identity through an additional step.

HelloID Access Management

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Single Sign-On is an authentication method that allows users to log in only once and subsequently access multiple applications and/or systems. This method provides a higher level of security, improved productivity and a smoother user experience.

Single Sign-On helps prevent the reuse of passwords and the deliberate selection of weaker passwords. By requiring users to remember just one password, the risk of forgotten passwords is reduced, eliminating the need for unsafe passwords.

If a user’s Single Sign-On login details are leaked, an attacker could gain access to all linked systems. Therefore, it’s essential with Single Sign-On to always opt for strong authentication methods, such as 2FA.

As users have to remember more passwords, the likelihood of forgetting them increases. Many IT helpdesks face increased pressure due to a rising number of tickets related to forgotten passwords. With Single Sign-On, this issue is mitigated, thus relieving the IT helpdesk.

HelloID offers Single Sign-On support for all standard protocols, including SAML, OIDC and WS-Federation. This means the IAM solution supports most popular applications. Please do note that, while most modern applications and systems offer support for Single Sign-On, this is not always the case. Always ensure your applications support this login method before implementing Single Sign-On.