In the complex world of government agencies, efficiency and security are of paramount importance. With various departments, generic roles and an array of 'legacy' rights still assigned to users, managing access rights can be a challenging task. Fortunately, HelloID offers the perfect solution with a blend of automation and self-service. This allows you to focus on what is truly important: serving citizens and society.

The government has a multifaceted and complex structure. Roles are often generic – consider HR21, for instance – and add little to an authorisation matrix. The solution? Role mining and the integration of HelloID’s Provisioning and Service Automation (SA) modules.

For various reasons, government users may accumulate unnecessary rights over time. These are rights they no longer need but which have not been formally revoked, also known as ‘legacy’ rights. The presence of these rights can introduce risks and can lead to chaos in terms of management. With HelloID, you can get a handle on this chaos, enabling you to streamline the assignment and management of rights and lay a solid foundation for Baseline Information Security Government (BIO) certifications. All this through one user-friendly and secure cloud-based IAM solution.

  • Effortlessly automate your user management processes
    With HelloID, onboarding, transitioning and offboarding processes are handled smoothly, efficiently and securely.
  • Easily optimise your authorisation management
    Thanks to HelloID, confusing job titles and outdated privileges are a thing of the past. Your authorisation matrix has never been as clear as it is with HelloID.
  • Achieve BIO certification through a robust combination of Provisioning and Service AutomationMeet the highest standards of security and compliance, and keep a tight rein over additional rights

Streamlined onboarding, transitioning and offboarding

HelloID fully automates the process from creating to removing users, saving valuable time and minimising the risk of human errors.


Secure access control

With HelloID, you can precisely manage access to sensitive government information. Data protection and integrity are at the forefront, ensuring information remains secure.


Regulatory compliance

As a governmental organisation, you face a myriad of strict regulations. HelloID assists government bodies in complying with the BIO security standards and other pertinent standards.

Managing a diverse range of departments

Within the government’s multifaceted structure, managing a variety of departments is complex. HelloID’s automation allows you to streamline the process of adding and removing users, thereby significantly reducing administrative burdens and freeing up the IT department to focus on strategic initiatives.

Cleaning up legacy rights

Legacy rights that remain with users can pose serious security risks. HelloID’s combination of Provisioning and Service Automation ensures regular clean-up and updates of rights, minimising the risk of unauthorised access and boosting the overall security and integrity of your systems.

Role mining to set up an authorisation matrix

Many roles within the government are of a generic nature, which adds complexity to rights management. HelloID provides a solution, using role mining to analyse existing permissions. It simplifies the allocation of rights, thereby improving accuracy and enhancing digital security. This leads to a more transparent and controllable environment that promotes compliance.

Self-service voor het toekennen van rechten

Met een grote hoeveelheid rechten en een generiek functiehuis is het lastig om alle rechten direct juist toe te kennen. HelloID geef je met SA de mogelijkheid tot het toekennen van specifieke rechten aan gebruikers indien zij deze nodig hebben. Dit kan vanuit de leidinggevende, de eigenaar of door de gebruiker zelf. Door middel van goedkeuringsworkflows is dit proces geborgd en zonder tussenkomst van de servicedesk uitvoerbaar.

Self-service for assigning rights

With a vast array of permissions and a generic role structure, it is challenging to correctly assign all rights immediately. HelloID’s Service Automation gives you the capability to assign specific rights to users when needed. This can be initiated by supervisors, owners or the users themselves. Approval workflows ensure this process is secure and can be executed without intervention from the helpdesk.

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