As a non-profit organisation, you are dedicated to a non-commercial, societal mission. Therefore, you aim to minimise time spent on activities such as user management and Identity & Access Management (IAM). Tools4ever helps you achieve this goal with HelloID. This cloud-based IAM solution enables you to focus entirely on the societal goal your non-profit is committed to.

For non-profit organisations, which focus on social objectives rather than profit, streamlined and effective operations are key. Your team needs reliable access to appropriate systems and information to carry out their roles effectively. Equally important is the secure management of sensitive data to protect the privacy of donors, partners and employees. HelloID offers a comprehensive solution tailored to meet these specific needs.

  • Streamline user account management
    HelloID enables you to manage user accounts more efficiently, significantly reducing the time spent on this task and minimising human errors through its automated processes.
  • Seamless account deactivation upon employee departure
    As soon as an employee leaves your organisation, it is vital to promptly close their account to block access to applications and data. HelloID’s IAM solution takes care of this effortlessly.
  • Adequately shield sensitive data
    As a non-profit organisation, you handle sensitive data from members and donors. HelloID provides secure and seamless integrations, safeguarding the integrity and confidentiality of this data.
  • Robust security as a foundation for compliance
    Minimise risks and adhere to legal regulations with HelloID’s robust security features.

Streamlined onboarding, transitioning and offboarding processes

HelloID assures that all systems your employees rely on are seamlessly and securely interconnected.


Eliminate unnecessary access rights

For security purposes, it is paramount to limit user rights to only what is necessary. HelloID’s IAM solution manages this process automatically.


Compliance with regulations

Like all organisations, non-profits must comply with laws and regulations, including the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). HelloID ensures that you meet these legal requirements and that you can demonstrate compliance.

Optimise data exchange

In your organisation, employees across various functions and departments work with data often stored in different systems, making it challenging to link the data to gain additional insights. HelloID simplifies data exchange by integrating all the data systems you use.

Seamlessly connect source and target systems

Your employees work with a variety of systems every day. Some of these systems serve as source systems, some as target systems, while others can serve as both. This introduces complexity. With HelloID, you seamlessly connect your systems, whether they are source or target systems.

Manage access rights effectively

It is crucial to grant users access to appropriate applications and data, managed via access rights. Effective management of these rights is essential. Forgot or delayed withdrawing an ex-employee’s rights? This could lead to unintended access to your data. HelloID largely automates this process, ensuring reliability and certainty.


Reduce the pressure on your IT department

The IT department is often overwhelmed with requests from employees, facing considerable pressure. The current tightness in the IT job market exacerbates this issue. HelloID helps in automating tasks, reducing the workload for your IT team, enabling them to focus on activities that have higher added value for your non-profit organisation.

Establishing a solid foundation for ISO 27001 certification

As a non-profit, ensuring the security of donors’ and partners’ data is vital. Data breaches can significantly harm your reputation and deter future donations. Achieving ISO 27001 certification assures your donors and partners that you have quality data security. HelloID provides an ideal platform to attain this certification.

Compliance with laws and regulations

Compliance with relevant laws and regulations, such as the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), is mandatory for every organisation. HelloID facilitates this compliance and makes it demonstrable.


“Our new IAM solution is a breath of fresh air in terms of ease of use and efficiency. The way we’ve worked with Tools4ever sets a benchmark for project execution. From the initial stages to the final acceptance, the guidance we received was impeccable.”

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