With today's challenges, a secure and automated solution for user and authorisation management is crucial for every healthcare organisation. Reduce the burden on your IT department and increase efficiency within your hospital or healthcare facility with the help of cloud-based Identity & Access Management (IAM).

In the healthcare sector, access management is a matter of life and death. Healthcare providers must have quick and easy access to the right systems and information. At the same time, they deal with sensitive data where security is of the utmost importance, and need to be compliant with strict laws and regulations. HelloID offers a comprehensive IAM solution tailored to meet these unique challenges.

HelloID enables swift and secure access to the correct patient information, ensuring compliance with relevant laws and regulations. HelloID grants all stakeholders access to the data they need, whether they are doctors, nurses, administrative staff or patients.

  • Assign only the necessary authorisations
    Thanks to HelloID, healthcare organisations can be certain that each staff member gains access only to the systems and data that are necessary for their role. This minimises the risk of unintended access or data breaches.
  • Prevent tensions between healthcare providers and IT staff
    Reduce the time and resources needed for routine tasks such as account management, password resets and access requests. Healthcare providers can focus on their core responsibilities, while IT staff are relieved from constant access inquiries and administrative tasks.
  • Simplify audits and compliance with laws and regulations
    Easily generate reports that demonstrate compliance with regulatory standards such as GDPR. This makes audits less time-consuming and ensures that institutions can confidently demonstrate their adherence to the rules.

Efficient onboarding, transition and offboarding

HelloID automates the process of adding and removing users, saving IT teams time and reducing the chance of errors.


Optimal security of patient data

HelloID enables the establishment of strict access controls to protect patient information. This includes supporting the principle of least privilege, which prevents unnecessary access to sensitive patient data.


Demonstrable compliance with laws and regulations

HelloID assists healthcare organisations in meeting stringent laws and regulations such as the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) and NEN 7510 through logging and reporting.

Management of staff changes

Automate the entire lifecycle of your user identities and provide simple and secure access to IT services. Relieve your IT departments of complex work environments, increased security threats and an abundance of helpdesk tickets. HelloID combines cost savings with security. This allows you to fully concentrate on essential healthcare tasks without compromising in any regard.

Support for non-standard schedules and temporary workers

Non-standard schedules and the integration of temporary workers can make the efficient allocation of personnel complex. HelloID removes this complexity. The integration of the IAM solution with HR systems and/or temporary worker platforms streamlines this process, allowing staff to be quickly and efficiently deployed where they are most needed.

Integration with EPR systems

Create a more secure environment for medical records and reduce the labor-intensive and complex efforts of assigning authorisations within an electronic patient record (EPR) system. By minimizing manual oversight, you effectively reduce the associated risks. This boosts both efficiency and security. HelloID helps you strike a precise balance between protecting sensitive information and providing the authorisations staff need to perform their work. In doing so, our cloud-based IAM solution offers a streamlined and effective solution that meets the specific needs of the healthcare sector.

Foundation for NEN 5710 certification

Meeting the NEN 5710 certification requirements is essential in the healthcare sector. With HelloID, you establish a solid foundation that assists in adhering to this stringent standard, thereby bolstering the confidentiality, integrity and availability of data, and supporting patient trust in healthcare institutions. HelloID enables you to continuously demonstrate compliance with information security guidelines, while also minimizing the risk of data breaches and related fines.

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“With the HelloID platform, Tools4ever provided us with a growth path to gradually automate and professionalise our Identity Management. At the same time, we maintain full control and can handle the further development within Revant as much as possible. For us, this has truly been an exemplary project.”

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Identity & Access Management (IAM) is a framework of policies and technologies aimed at ensuring appropriate access to relevant resources within organisations. In healthcare, this means that care providers such as doctors and nurses have quick and secure access to the required patient information, while also safeguarding the privacy and security of that information.

Our HelloID solution is designed with regulatory compliance in mind. It adheres to the strictest privacy laws, ensuring that each user has access only to the information they need. Additionally, HelloID provides a solid foundation for NEN 2710 certification, enabling healthcare institutions to meet stringent standards and information security guidelines.

HelloID automates the management of user identities and their access rights. This results in a decrease in manual tasks, lowers the number of helpdesk tickets and minimises security threats. This allows your IT personnel to dedicate their time to more critical tasks, boosting both operational efficiency and security.

Absolutely. HelloID is scalable and can be tailored to meet the needs of large hospitals with complex infrastructures as well as smaller healthcare institutions that require a leaner solution.

HelloID is designed to seamlessly integrate with existing EPR systems. It enhances data security by adhering to the principle of least privilege, and it eliminates the risks associated with manual management. This achieves a balance between protecting sensitive information and granting necessary access rights.

HelloID’s integration with HR systems and temporary worker platforms ensures a streamlined personnel management process. Regardless of non-standard schedules or the use of temporary workers, HelloID ensures that staff can be quickly and efficiently deployed where they are most needed.