Identity Lifecycle Management

Automate the onboarding, transition and offboarding processes for your employees

Seamlessly managing the complete lifecycle of user accounts

Identity Lifecycle Management is an integrated approach to managing user identities within an organisation. It encompasses the entire journey of a user account, from the moment of creation to the point of deactivation or deletion. Identity Lifecycle Management ensures that every user has access to the right resources at the right time, based on their role and responsibilities within the organisation.

Identity Lifecycle Management ensures that every user has access to the right tools at the right time, based on their role and responsibilities within the organisation.

  • Automated management: By automating essential tasks such as creating, modifying and deleting accounts, the risk of human errors is reduced. This leads to a faster and more efficient user experience, eliminating manual processes and delays.
  • Security & compliance: Identity Lifecycle Management offers a proactive approach to security. By promptly blocking accounts upon departure and regularly reviewing access rights, the risk of unauthorised access and data breaches is decreased. Moreover, it assists organisations in complying with regulatory standards such as the GDPR.
  • Optimal productivity: With Identity Lifecycle Management, new employees are fully operational from their first day. Thanks to Identity Lifecycle Management, new staff members hit the ground running on day one. Immediate access to necessary software and platforms ensures a smooth onboarding experience and increased work efficiency.

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Why choose Identity Lifecycle Management?


From their very first day, new employees are fully operational. They gain immediate access to necessary applications and systems, ensuring a smooth onboarding process and increased productivity.

during offboarding

Upon an employee’s departure, their accounts and access rights are promptly blocked. This minimises security risks and prevents unauthorised access to company data.

IT workload

By automating user account management, the pressure on the IT department is significantly reduced. This results in fewer administrative burdens, allowing IT staff to focus on strategic initiatives.

A Look at the Options

Identity life cycle

Complete lifecycle management

With HelloID, you manage the entire lifecycle of user accounts from A to Z. From creating new accounts to terminating old ones, everything is streamlined and automated.

Identity life cycle
Mapping van brongegevens naar HelloID Identity Vault

Detailed mapping & safety net

Determine which fields HelloID can populate in target systems. Set thresholds as a safety net, for instance, to prevent existing accounts from being deleted. Notifications ensure you are always informed of significant events.

Mapping van brongegevens naar HelloID Identity Vault
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Stateful provisioning & monitoring

HelloID tracks every action and regularly captures snapshots of your source system. These snapshots are compared to identify discrepancies, after which actions are taken based on predefined business rules.

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Flexible identity and account management

HelloID differentiates between identity management and account management, determining if an account corresponds to each individual identity. This promotes both adaptability and meticulous user account management.


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Identity Lifecycle Management & HelloID Provisioning

Identity Lifecycle Management is a vital component of HelloID’s Provisioning module. Together, they provide streamlined and automated management of user accounts. This combination not only promotes operational efficiency but also ensures compliance with GDPR regulations, allowing your IT department to focus on other tasks.

HelloID Provisioning

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Identity Lifecycle Management is a feature within HelloID Provisioning, designed to reduce the burden of the management of account lifecycles. This feature relieves your IT team’s responsibilities in handling the onboarding, transition and offboarding of employees. It ensures that users always maintain the appropriate access rights, even if they change roles. Moreover, it guarantees that users never have superfluous permissions and that sensitive data are consistently protected. This is especially pertinent when considering compliance with laws and regulations.

Utilising Identity Lifecycle Management via HelloID entails several key steps. First off, you will connect your source and target systems using connectors. You will also determine the precise mapping configuration, deciding what data HelloID can modify in target systems. With configured thresholds and alerts in place, you can be sure there are no unexpected issues. Applying Identity Lifecycle Management requires the right expertise. A team of Tools4ever experts is ready to guide you through the process. We assist you every step of the way, respond to your queries and provide essential support.

Every organisation operates with user accounts. Which also means you have to manage the lifecycle of these accounts. When a new employee joins, they should promptly have the correct account. When an employee leaves, for safety and legal compliance, their rights should be revoked timely. Identity Lifecycle Management streamlines this procedure, making it a valuable function for any organisation.

HelloID Provisioning interfaces with numerous source and target systems. With over 150 connectors available, it is highly likely that HelloID supports the apps and systems you rely on. Check out our connector catalogue for a comprehensive list of applications supported by HelloID.