We Support the KWF Dutch Cancer Society

Tools4ever believes it’s important to contribute to society. Cancer affects us all. Everyone knows someone in their environment who has dealt with this terrible disease. Because it impacts so many people, Tools4ever supports the KWF Dutch Cancer Society.
This support enables scientists to take a step towards more knowledge, new successes, and better treatments. Towards that one day when we will defeat cancer.


KWF Dutch Cancer Society

KWF Dutch Cancer Society aims to reduce cancer as quickly as possible and bring it under control. They are there for people living with cancer and those who live alongside them. The goal of the KWF Dutch Cancer Society is: less cancer, more healing, and a better quality of life for cancer patients.


Want to Know More?

If you want to learn more about Cancer Research UK and their mission and how you can contribute to a world without cancer, we would like to direct you to the website of the KWF.