Helpdesk Delegation

Relieve the burden on your IT helpdesk by delegating tasks

Maximum efficiency, minimal risks

Helpdesk Delegation transforms the way IT helpdesks operate. Instead of relying on extensive permissions for basic tasks, Helpdesk Delegation enables organisations to automate and delegate specific service tasks, without the need for far-reaching permissions. This results in a more secure, more efficient and streamlined working environment.

  • Prioritising security: By limiting extensive permissions and allocating tasks using uniform forms, Helpdesk Delegation diminishes the risks typically tied to helpdesk procedures.
  • Efficiency through automation: Common tasks, such as resetting passwords or granting access rights, can be automated. This reduces the IT helpdesk’s workload and prevents human errors.
  • Compliance and audits: Helpdesk Delegation offers a detailed audit trail, ensuring every change and action is meticulously logged. This facilitates adherence to regulations and ensures smooth audits.

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Why choose Helpdesk Delegation?

Scalability &

Helpdesk Delegation effortlessly adapts as your organisation expands or transforms. Whether you’re introducing new departments, rearranging teams or diving into new technologies, adjusting the delegation is straightforward. All without disrupting your workflow.

Cost savings

By automating routine tasks and delegating responsibilities, the need for continuous training and further education of helpdesk staff is reduced. This results in direct cost savings, both in terms of training and time spent on manual processes.

teams with greater autonomy

By granting particular key members across teams and sectors with the authority to execute specific IT tasks via designated forms, you nurture a spirit of self-reliance and responsibility. This not only expedites issue resolution at the department level but also strengthens the overall security and integrity of the system.

Een greep uit de mogelijkheden

User account management

Using Helpdesk Delegation, you can seamlessly create, alter and remove user accounts. This is achievable without the need for in-depth technical expertise, giving you control over who can access specific systems and data.

Permissions & access management

Determine who gets to do what. Allocate distinct permissions to different roles within your organisation. From granting access to specific software to adjusting security tiers, Helpdesk Delegation lets you manage things effortlessly.

Delegated forms

Create customised forms, tailored to executing specific tasks. Whether you want to request a new email account, modify access rights or reset a password, the drag-and-drop form builder lets you quickly and simply set up the desired forms.

Audit & compliance

Keep a comprehensive record of all actions executed within Helpdesk Delegation. Track who performed which action and when. This feature not only provides transparency but also assists in ensuring you meet regulatory standards and navigate audits with ease.

Helpdesk Delegation & HelloID Service Automation

HelloID Service Automation is a module that forms part of the Identity & Access Management (IAM) solution known as HelloID. This module empowers the IT helpdesk to automate a variety of tasks, thereby reducing workload. This is vital, as it frees up the IT department to focus on tasks that bring more added value to the business. At the same time, it minimises human errors, ensures compliance with laws and regulations, and enhances employee satisfaction as user requests are addressed sooner.

HelloID Service Automation

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Helpdesk Delegation provides helpdesk staff and key users with the ability to execute various service tasks automatically, without the need for administrative rights in the underlying IT systems. This process is facilitated by using so-called delegated forms, through which they submit a request for a change. HelloID then determines whether it can perform this action automatically or if the change needs prior approval.

The more rights a user has, the more problems can arise if a malicious person manages to gain access to that user’s account. This isn’t just limited to helpdesk members and key users. Consider the internal threats where staff might (un)knowingly perform actions that compromise your organisation’s digital security. An essential security practice is to adopt a ‘least privilege’ approach. Essentially, this means minimising access rights to ensure maximum security. Helpdesk Delegation supports least privilege to an important extent.

A broad range of standard forms is available, making it easy to work with Helpdesk Delegation. If a form you need for a specific change is missing, you can effortlessly design a custom form using the user-friendly drag-and-drop form builder.

Having a comprehensive audit trail is fundamental for adhering to laws and regulations. However, achieving this consistently can be tricky. Every change must be meticulously documented. If a helpdesk representative happens to overlook a change registration, your audit trail falls short. But with HelloID Service Automation, this concern is alleviated, guaranteeing a consistently thorough audit trail.