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Professional Services

Iedere vestiging van Tools4ever heeft een vast team van hoog gekwalificeerde ICT professionals om Identity Governance & Administration implementaties uit te voeren. De consultants hebben veel kennis en ervaring met de productsuite van Tools4ever en zijn instaat om de software maximaal te benutten.


When you opt for software from Tools4ever, it’s crucial to set it up correctly from the start. The experienced consultants at Tools4ever are ready to configure your Identity Governance & Administration solution according to the requirements and preferences of your organisation. Our all-round consultants offer support in the areas of:

IAM Consultancy

Our IAM consultants are multidisciplinary, results-oriented, and unmatched in translating organisational processes at the client into a technical solution. Despite the complex heterogeneous network environments involving many connections between various systems, our consultants establish a configuration that aligns with the current way of working and automates inefficient manual processes.

Project Management

Implementing an Identity Governance & Administration solution involves many stakeholders and systems, requiring careful execution. The central direction of the implementation is the responsibility of the client. Tools4ever advises the client on how to achieve strict project management.

Access Governance

Creating an RBAC role model for role-based access provision is a complex task. The Identity & Access Management consultants at Tools4ever assist security officers and make this task manageable by using a proven step-by-step plan. This plan includes clustering groups of employees, determining business roles, and establishing authorisations for these roles.

Business Consultancy

Automating onboarding, transitioning, and offboarding processes with an Identity Governance & Administration solution affects existing business processes. The information that guides IGA must meet certain conditions (timely, complete, and accurate). Our business consultants advise various parties in your organisation to ensure the information quality meets these conditions.


Upon request, Tools4ever offers various trainings for all parties affected by the implementation. There are trainings to ensure application managers know everything about managing the software, as well as trainings for security officers to maintain the chosen model. Additionally, Tools4ever provides trainings for end-users.