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Professional Services

Each Tools4ever branch has a team of highly-qualified IT professionals to assist with Identity Management implementations. These consultants have a great deal of knowledge and experience with the Tools4ever product suite, and are able to use the software to its fullest.


When you choose to implement Tools4ever software, it’s important to set it up correctly from the beginning. Tools4ever’s experienced consultants are at your service to configure your Identity Governance & Administration solution in accordance with the requirements and wishes of your organization. Our experienced consultants offer support for:

Implementation consultancy
Our implementation consultants are multidisciplinary, results-oriented, and unrivalled in their ability to translate the client’s organizational processes into a technical solution. Despite the often complex heterogeneous network environments within which many connections must be made between a diversity of systems, our consultants will create a configuration that matches the current working methods and will automate inefficient manual processes.

Project Management
Many stakeholders and systems are involved in the implementation of an Identity Governance & Administration solution, so its execution must be performed accurately. The client is in charge of directing the implementation’s execution. Tools4ever will advise the client on how project management can best be achieved.

Access Governance
Drawing up an authorization model to provide role-based access is a complex task. Tools4ever consultants will assist security officers, making this operation manageable by using a proven step-by-step plan. This step-by-step plan includes clustering groups of employees, determining business roles and establishing authorizations for them.  

Business Consultancy
Automating the inflow, progression, and outflow processes using an Identity Governance & Administration solution affects the existing operational processes. The information which guides IGA must fulfil specific conditions (including being up-to-date, complete and correct). Our business consultants will advise the various parties in your organization so that the quality of the information meets these conditions.

On request, Tools4ever can provide a variety of training sessions for all parties whose work processes will change as a result of the implementation. For instance, there is training to ensure that the application administrator knows how to correctly manage the software, or training for security officers to maintain the chosen model. Tools4ever also offers training for end users.


Tools4ever Support helps to answer questions about the installations in your network, enhancements /modifications, licences, and product specifications. Our international network of offices means you can get in touch with our qualified staff 24/7.

You can request support from us in several ways:

E-mail Tools4ever
Phone +44 (0) 845 017 1499