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Our powerful Identity Governance & Administration solutions include all functionalities to streamline the entire process of managing user authentication and authorisation.

Discover HelloID, Tools4ever’s state-of-the-art, third-generation Identity & Access Management product. As a 100% cloud solution, HelloID excels in authorisation and authentication, offering an optimal balance between flexibility and standardisation, and between ease of use and security. The implementation and management are remarkably straightforward. With HelloID, you opt for a comprehensive cloud-based IAM solution.

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Our second-generation IAM has been our flagship solution for complex and demanding Identity Management implementations for years. The quality of the product and its phased implementation approach have a solid track record of success. While IAM is no longer available to new customers, we continue to provide full support for current IAM users.

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UMRA is our first-generation identity management product, focused on user & resource management. UMRA is a versatile product, and its been designed to successfully handle almost every complex user management scenario. Even though we no longer actively offer UMRA, it remains a multifaceted and powerful tool for our existing users, with ongoing support.

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Tools4ever is a leading provider in the field of Identity Governance & Administration, serving a wide range of organisations of various sizes. Our solutions are used by companies, educational institutions, healthcare providers, and government bodies.

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Want to stay updated on the new features we introduce in our HelloID software and how they can benefit you and your organisation? Then join our monthly webinars!

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These training sessions aim to provide participants with more knowledge about HelloID and to become certified in order to implement the various modules. Upon successful completion of this training, you will have the knowledge to correctly implement HelloID modules.

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Tools4ever regularly publishes blogs on topics in the Identity & Access Management industry and on news within the organisation. Want to know more? Check out the blogs via the link below!

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