Identity & Access Management

UMRA: Identity & Access Management

User Management Resource Administrator (UMRA) was introduced as a product in 2004. This marks the inception of our first-generation identity management product, primarily designed for user and resource management.

This solution is currently used by over 400 organisations in the Netherlands and more than 5,200 organisations worldwide. UMRA stands out as one of our major successes in our services portfolio. It streamlines and automates provisioning processes and can integrate with over 150 applications for automated user and authorisation management.

All versions of UMRA receive full support and every six months, Tools4ever releases new versions with minor bug fixes and additional features to ensure UMRA remains fully functional and up-to-date for all our UMRA customers.

IAM and HelloID

Since 2015, we have been deploying IAM, our second-generation identity management solution, for new clients. IAM primarily focuses on identity management with an increased emphasis on authorisation management and a reduced emphasis on resource management.

HelloID represents our third-generation identity and access management solution, and is our 100% cloud-based Identity as a Service (IDaaS) offering. For many customers who are currently using UMRA and pursuing a cloud strategy, HelloID may be a suitable service to transition to in the near future.

Educational sector

For the educational sector, UMRA is still the best solution for auto provisioning user accounts and authorisations of employee and student populations. UMRA offers a diverse range of connectors specifically tailored to the educational sector, facilitating the automation of user and authorisation management. Nevertheless, HelloID is rapidly evolving in terms of functionality and is increasingly becoming an appealing alternative. Are you curious if this could also apply to your educational institution? Don’t hesitate to contact us, and we’ll be delighted to discuss this in more detail.

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