Modernising Legacy IAM

Achieve controlled growth from a legacy Authentication & Authorisation system to a modern role-based account and rights management system with our Identity-as-a-Service solution.

Moderniseren bestaande/legacy IAM

How Do You Prepare Your IAM Environment for the Upcoming Challenges?

Many existing IAM solutions are costly to maintain, limited in functionality, far from user-friendly and not future-proof. They were once developed for efficient but limited access management, but these days we need much more from a modern IAM in order to align with the rapidly evolving digitalisation and the increasingly stringent privacy and information security guidelines.


Seamless Migration From Legacy IAM to Identity-as-a-Service Environment

HelloID is a scalable cloud-based solution that does not require large investments. With HelloID, you can introduce a full-fledged account and rights management system based on user roles, and subsequently automate further service processes. Because the system features and integrations can be rolled out gradually, we can ensure a controlled transition from a legacy IAM environment.

Automated provisioning rollout

  • Automated account and rights management throughout the entire account lifecycle (onboarding, transitioning, offboarding).
  • Access rights are automatically managed based on an individual’s user role. Access is on a ‘need to know’ basis, eliminating an unwanted accumulation of rights.
  • Controlled automation process. Gradually integrating more target systems.
  • Possibility to unlock new user groups through the connection of additional source systems. HelloID automatically scales alongside other systems.

Shift left automation of service processes

  • Automated request for additional and/or temporary access rights. With configurable approval steps and duration.
  • Automation at 3 levels: delegated forms for helpdesk agents and/or managers, and a self-service portal for end-users.
  • Automation can be scheduled for each service process.

Flexible access management scenarios

  • Access Management facilitates flexible access scenarios during the migration from the legacy system to the new IAM solution.
  • Set up smart access procedures, such as Single Sign-On (SSO) and Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA), in conjunction with — for example — Active Directory.
  • Not limited to access for own employees, but also gradually providing access to other user groups such as contractors, clients or partners.

How We Migrate From a Legacy IAM System to the HelloID IDaaS Solution

7 steps that can each be configured using low-code or no-code solutions

  1. Source system: Integration of HelloID with source systems such as HR, SIS and/or scheduling systems. This way, changes in the source data are automatically available in HelloID.
  2. People: Conversion of data about people/roles from source systems to a common representation within HelloID using an ‘identity vault’.
  3. Business rules: Determining rules that determine which roles are granted which types of accounts and access rights, and under what conditions.
  4. Target systems: Linking HelloID to on-premises and/or cloud-based applications. This can be executed step by step per application.
  5. Service processes: Automating processes, including online approval flows and activation in target systems. This can be carried out step by step for each process.
  6. Access management: Set up access procedures, such as Single Sign-On (SSO) and Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA), in conjunction with — for example — Active Directory.
  7. Reporting and auditing: Configuring standard and client-specific reports and monitoring functions for analysis and audits.

Frequently Asked Questions

Legacy IAM solutions are often expensive to maintain, have limited functionality and are not always user-friendly or future-proof. In the current digital age, with privacy and information security guidelines becoming increasingly stringent, it is essential to have a flexible and robust IAM system that can respond to modern needs and challenges.

HelloID is designed as a scalable cloud-based solution that simplifies the migration from legacy IAM systems without the need for large investments. With its modular structure, you can gradually roll out features and integrations, manage the transition in a controlled manner and automate further service processes. This results in a smooth and risk-free migration.

HelloID utilises Role Based Access Control (RBAC), meaning that rights are assigned based on predefined roles. Each person is granted access based on their role within the organisation, and they only get the rights that they actually need. This ensures that access is provided on a ‘need to know’ basis and prevents individuals from accessing information or systems irrelevant to their function, which excludes the unwanted accumulation of rights.