Connector with SAP

Connection with SAP

Many organisations streamline their operations with the SAP Business Suite, comprising an ERP system, a CRM system, a PLM system and various others. Personnel changes (promotion, departmental changes etc.) will result in changes in other systems, including SAP systems. This will often require the creation of a new SAP user, the temporary removal or blocking of a user for licence management and access management purposes, or the assignment of new SAP roles. But manually implementing changes in SAP is a time-consuming, expensive and complex affair.

User management for SAP

That's why Tools4ever offers customers the ability to automate SAP user management with its Identity and Access Management (IAM) solution, which centralises and simplifies the process. IAM can be linked to any SAP system. The process may start, for instance, with an IAM link to SAP HRM (auto provisioning). Changes in SAP HRM are detected automatically by IAM and implemented across the network and SAP systems. For example in the case of newly-hired staff, email accounts are set up automatically, group memberships are configured and access to and roles for SAP and other applications are created (downstream provisioning). IAM offers all the features that are available in SAP in the SU01 (SAP User Management) application.

Seamless integration with SAP

Tools4ever uses the existing default functionality available in SAP for SAP integration. This means no technical changes need to be made in SAP, so complex and expensive SAP implementation cycles are not necessary.