Tools4ever scores 8.2 on HelloID training

Tools4ever scores 8.2 on HelloID training

For its Cloud Identity Management solution, Tools4ever has been offering free training since last year for partners and customers who will manage and/or implement HelloID. Feedback indicates that these trainings are highly appreciated, with an average score of 8.2.

The trainings are delivered online via Teams and consists of three parts:

  • a theoretical part, in which the workings of HelloID are explained;
  • a practical overview, showing how to work with the software;
  • workshops, the highest-rated part. In this section, the participant works in their environment with example assignments. The Tools4ever trainer provides direct support and feedback.

HelloID is a standard Cloud Identity Management solution for which four trainings are given each month. These are related to the three modules (Provisioning, Service Automation, and Access Management) and one training concerning the functional operation and approach of a HelloID implementation. This training gives participants the tools to work independently with HelloID.

Participant’s comment: The trainings are delivered by highly experienced consultants from Tools4ever. The consultants know the product very well and are familiar with various practical situations. All in all, a very high-level training.

From the 32 trainings given, more than 300 IT professionals have been trained, and it emerges that 90% of the participants recommend this training to others. A very good score that we are very proud of.

With these trainings, and the available and up-to-date documentation accessible to everyone via:, HelloID offers a standard Identity Management solution in the cloud that is easy to set up and manage.

If you are interested in HelloID, please visit our website and contact us about the possibilities for your organization.

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