Tools4ever is once again ISO 27001 certified

Tools4ever is once again ISO 27001 certified

Baarn, 18 January 2023 – Tools4ever proudly accepts its new ISO 27001 certification. The specialist in Identity Governance & Administration has been awarded the certification following an audit by Brand Compliance audit firm.
ISO 27001 is the global standard for information security. The standard describes how companies can manage the security of information in a process-oriented manner. It includes requirements for establishing, implementing, operating, monitoring, reviewing, maintaining, and improving a documented Information Security Management System (ISMS).

An ISO 27001 certificate issued by an independent party provides customers with a great deal of assurance. For instance, the certification shows that information security within Tools4ever is in order and meets all requirements. This is crucial, as Tools4ever’s solutions often play a central role in the IT architecture of customers.

Added value for customers

Ron Kuper, Managing Business Consultant at Tools4ever: “As a software company, we process customer data, which often includes sensitive information. We want to handle this data properly and demonstrate this to our customers. We do this with the ISO 27001 certification.”

For customers, nothing changes. Kuper: “A customer wants their processes to run smoothly and to simply be able to process data without having to give it a second thought. Behind the scenes, this requires various technical steps, including in terms of security. The ISO 27001 certification demonstrates that we have our information security in order and thus provides customers with assurance.”

The ISO 27001 certification has a dual significance for Tools4ever. “On one hand, we test ourselves: are we doing the right things and are we handling both customer data and our own data securely? On the other hand, we provide software to customers that helps them achieve their own ISO 27001, NEN7510, or other certification. The assurance that the ISO 27001 certification provides is thus also reflected in the software we deliver to customers,” concludes Kuper.

OpenID Certified and ethical hackers

Tools4ever not only has the ISO 27001 certificate but is also OpenID Certified. This certificate assures users about the quality and interoperability of the HelloID OpenID Connect implementation. Additionally, Deloitte experts review the HelloID service twice a year. Ethical hackers from the consultancy firm target the Identity & Access Management (IAM) solution HelloID and attempt to penetrate it. This way, they identify potential vulnerabilities in the security without creating risks for customers. This raises Tools4ever’s digital security to an even higher level.

About Tools4ever.
The Dutch software company Tools4ever is a leader in the field of Identity & Access Management (IAM). The company serves customers in every industry, including education, healthcare, government, financial services and manufacturing. Their main product is HelloID, which allows for the efficient and secure automation and streamlining of user authorization and access management.

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