George Bakker appointed as Operational Director of Tools4ever

George Bakker appointed as Operational Director of Tools4ever

Baarn, 28 November 2022 – George Bakker has been appointed as Operational Director of the Baarn-based software company Tools4ever. George succeeds Tjeerd Seinen, who is taking a step back within the organization. Tjeerd remains connected to the market leader in Identity & Access Management as a commissioner/advisor.
Tjeerd has been active at Tools4ever since 2002, which was founded in 1999. From a sales role, he grew to become Operational Director. In this position, he was responsible for successfully marketing products such as User Management Resource Administrator (UMRA), Self-Service Reset Password Management (SSRPM), Enterprise Single Sign On Manager (E-SSOM), Identity & Access Manager (IAM), and HelloID. Tools4ever’s revenue increased during this period from 800,000 euros to more than 16 million euros this year, a growth of about 2,000 percent.

At the helm of HelloID development

As Operational Director, Tjeerd implemented significant changes within Tools4ever. For instance, he was at the helm of the development of the cloud-based Identity & Access Management solution HelloID. As Operational Director, Tjeerd strengthened the collaboration with partners, who now serve a third of the customers. Tjeerd also raised customer and employee satisfaction to a record level.

Now that Tools4ever is in better shape than ever, Tjeerd is taking a step back. He hands over the baton to George, a veteran who has been active for Tools4ever since 2000. As a developer, George was involved in the development of Spaceguard for managing disk quota and the single sign-on solutions E-SSOM and HelloID Access Management. As the manager of the development department, he was also closely involved in the further development of HelloID and making the development department self-managing.

Tjeerd remains involved with Tools4ever

Tjeerd remains connected to Tools4ever as a commissioner/advisor but is no longer operationally involved in the day-to-day activities.

George: “Tools4ever is a great company, and it’s a challenge to take over Tjeerd’s role. For the coming years, we would like to further increase the satisfaction of our customers and employees and expand Tools4ever’s position via the partner network.”

About Tools4ever.
The Dutch software company Tools4ever is a leader in the field of Identity & Access Management (IAM). The company serves customers in every industry, including education, healthcare, government, financial services and manufacturing. Their main product is HelloID, which allows for the efficient and secure automation and streamlining of user authorization and access management.

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