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Who’s speaking please?

The majority of calls received by the IT helpdesk need to be verified. After all, to protect the network, helpdesk needs to be certain that the caller is who they say they are before they can grant access rights to applications. So, how can they do this whilst protecting each end-user's personal information?

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Access Management and SOX compliancy/audits

We frequently deal with companies that have to be compliant to SOX regulations. This often has a big impact on the IT department, particularly with regards to managing access rights. We find in these scenarios there are three very common issues which tend to arise:

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Identity and Access Management

Access Management , SOX , UMRA , User Management Resource Administrator , IT department.

UMRA & Migration

Many companies are apprehensive about implementing UMRA when they are in the middle of a migration process to an Active Directory (AD) environment. A common misconception is that the migration must first be completed before UMRA will work properly, another is that starting a different project during the process of migration might overcomplicate matters, and delay the project deadline.

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