Webinar RBAC & Role Mining

Free 1-hour webinar, Thursday 16 May, starts at 10 am.

Webinar RBAC & Role Mining

Depending on what an employee does in the organisation, he or she has to be provided with certain IT services to perform the work. The IT services can be access to data (teams, mailbox, shares), licences (EHR/ERP system, reports, etc.) hardware (laptop, phone, etc.).

Based on data from the HR system (function + department) combined with a role model, it is possible to automate the issuance of IT services in a secure manner. This makes the role model a crucial component and in fact the brain of your IAM solution.

However, setting up a role model is also often seen by organisations as the biggest barrier to start implementing a modern IAM solution. After all, many organisations do not yet have a role model on paper at all. They have started but stopped because they encountered so many exceptional situations. They first want to harmonise or get their function house in order. Or they simply do not have enough staff to start it because it is considered a huge project and they dread it. In short, there are plenty of arguments to postpone an IAM implementation. However, becoming and staying compliant without a role model is not an option either.

How can you still achieve a populated role model?

In this webinar, we show how smart role mining via HelloID can be used to define a role model quickly and with limited effort. Through a unique combination of HR and user network data, it is possible to gain insight into which roles reside in your organisation, whether they can be distributed automatically or whether it is better to set them up as optionally requestable roles. A practical approach that we would like to explain to you in 1 hour.

Arnout van der Vorst

Spreker: Arnout van der Vorst

Arnout van der Vorst is Identity Management Architect at Tools4ever and has more than 15 years of experience in Identity & Access Management. In his current position, he is responsible for the architecture, design and development of both our software solutions and IAM solutions at our customers.

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Webinar RBAC & Role Mining

Webinar RBAC & Role Mining