Regulate Password Complexity

Take control of your password complexity rules

Complex passwords provide a greater level of security for user data, but how do you balance security with utility?

Complex passwords provide a greater level of security for user data, but where do you draw the line? Wouldn't it be nice if you could fine-tune the levels of complexity rather than being forced to follow default policies? Password Complexity Manager (PCM) is a complete, user-friendly alternative to Microsoft's Fine Grained Password Policies. PCM puts you in the driver's seat with a flexible solution to create and manage the rules you choose to implement for password complexity.

Follow your own rules for regulating password complexity

Follow your own rules for regulating password complexity

The stronger the password, the greater the security. However, the Microsoft standard options for setting password complexity rules are often insufficient. PCM allows you to broaden the password complexity rules according to your unique security requirements. For instance, you can set different levels of complexity for various user groups, prohibit certain types of passwords, or prevent the use of sequences e.g. 1; 2; 3; Jan; Feb; Mar. It's easy to configure and provides end users with an overview of whether or not complexity rules have been met during the password reset process.

Minimize end user disruption while maximizing IT support team productivity. Sound too good to be true?

Complex passwords are great...for everyone except your support team who, unfortunately get all of the password reset calls from end users who've forgotten their new, complex passwords! It's a given that when you introduce password complexity into your network, end users are going to have greater difficulty remembering, modifying, and entering passwords. The good news is that PCM offers a customized interface to minimize disruption and maximize end user convenience. During the process, end users see a simple pop-up message displaying a step-by-step overview of complexity rules and whether they have been met, so your end users know, for example, that an uppercase letter, number and symbol are required as they enter the data.

For even greater convenience, PCM can be integrated with Self Service Reset Password Management (SSRPM) to allow end users to reset their own password, so you can easily implement secure, complex passwords without causing added strain on your Service Desk.



Benefits of PCM



PCM allows users to meet each and every requirement of HIPAA and SOX.

Clarity Rules

Clarity Rules

Integration with the password reset screen provides end users with immediate feedback as to whether complexity rules have been met whilst they are creating their complex passwords.

Icon Password Policy

Multiple Password Policies

Implement multiple password policies based on domain and/or organizational unit. You're in control!