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About Iris Intranet

Iris Intranet is all about simplicity. Your organisation and its employees face challenges on a daily basis, and Iris Intranet offers an intuitive and user-friendly way to work together. It contributes to your organisation’s success by customising your intranet to meet your employees’ specific needs. Thanks to our clients, we’ve been recognised as one of the leading intranet providers in the Netherlands and Belgium for over a decade.

Iris Intranet is designed to enhance collaboration within your digital workplace and plays a crucial role in:

  • Facilitating the sharing, capturing, and preservation of knowledge and information;
  • Fostering long-term employee engagement and satisfaction;
  • Identifying available expertise within your organisation;
  • Ensuring accessibility to guidelines, procedures, and agreements.

Numerous organisations across various sectors, including healthcare, government, industry, business services, and non-profit, have benefited from Iris Intranet.

Iris Intranet x Tools4ever

The combination of these two solutions creates a digital workspace where information related to business processes, access to applications, and social collaboration tools is presented in a unified and easily accessible portal. As an intranet user, you’ll find this integration seamless. All the documents you need for your work are at your fingertips. If you ever require something that’s missing or need additional permissions, you can request them without the hassle of repeated logins. It’s almost the ideal scenario.

For intranet administrators, managing personal data within the intranet becomes even simpler. Personal information is updated automatically, employees interact securely with applications, and permissions are efficiently handled for each individual. This streamlines administrative tasks significantly.

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Daan Strijbosch Sales Advisor, Iris Intranet & Arthur Turksma intranet strategist, Iris Intranet

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