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We create software. Not just any software: elegant software that intelligently digitises processes, provides lightning-fast relevant answers, harnesses human knowledge when necessary, and learns from every transaction and dialogue. Software that propels you forward. With the social intranet, Embrace Social, you take the leap into a digital workplace portal. A single user-friendly, intuitive platform where employees can find everything they need for their work activities.

Embrace x Tools4ever

With the HelloID integration, you can transform Embrace Social into a digital workplace portal. Both cloud and local applications can be accessed with a single click from your personal homepage, and authentication is fully managed through HelloID. Additionally, seamlessly integrate Embrace with Microsoft 365 for a comprehensive one-stop-shop experience. Embrace bridges the social intranet with all Microsoft 365 applications and any other applications used for work. Depending on an employee’s role within the organisation, they will have access to specific applications in the software catalog. All of this takes place within a single web-based interface.

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