Tools4ever supports YubiKey and other security keys

Tools4ever supports YubiKey and other security keys

Tools4ever, the market leader in Identity and Access Management solutions, now also supports the well-known YubiKey and other authentication keys. These handy hardware security keys provide an inexpensive, very secure, and at the same time user-friendly access to applications.

YubiKey OTP token
YubiKey hardware OTP token

Hardware keys such as the YubiKey are an important addition to the existing access methods of the HelloID cloud-based Single Sign-On solution. HelloID already supports multiple Multi-Factor Authentication methods for additional access security, from SMS and email to the Push to Verify app. With the implementation of the open authentication standard FIDO2, it is now also possible to use the latest generation of hardware security keys, including the popular YubiKey.

For example, the YubiKey has the size of a small USB stick. The user inserts the key into a USB slot of a laptop, smartphone, or tablet. With one click on the YubiKey, the user’s identity along with a one-time access code is automatically sent. The FIDO2 standard ensures a fully secure authentication procedure between the key and the HelloID application. After this action, the user has immediate access to a personal dashboard with all applications and data.

FIDO2 was developed as a standalone authentication method. An extra level of security is achieved by using FIDO2 in combination with other checks such as a username and password. The YubiKey, in such Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA) scenarios, is even safer and more user-friendly than existing authentication apps on, for example, the user’s own smartphone.

Tjeerd Seinen, co-founder of Tools4ever: With the implementation of the FIDO2 standard, Tools4ever now supports a wide range of security keys, including YubiKey. This unlocks a new generation of extremely secure and at the same time particularly user-friendly authentication methods for our HelloID cloud-based Single Sign-On solution.

Customers can apply YubiKey and other security keys in their HelloID environment alongside the already used authentication methods. For example, specific employees who work with very sensitive information can be provided with a YubiKey. A trial can also be started to evaluate user acceptance.

If you would like to receive more information and/or are curious about what the possibilities are for your organization, please make an appointment or contact us.

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