Tools4ever introduces Push to Verify 2FA solution

Tools4ever introduces Push to Verify 2FA solution

Tools4ever, the market leader in Identity and Access Management solutions, introduces Push to Verify functionality in its Authenticator app. Thanks to this feature, users can now log in extra securely with just one click. A safe, fast, and user-friendly 2-Factor Authentication (2FA) method that is available for free for both Android and iOS.

Push to Verify is a new feature in HelloID, the cloud-based Identity and Access Management solution from Tools4ever. HelloID users have access to all their applications with a single login (Single Sign-On). The access can optionally be further secured with 2-Factor Authentication (2FA). With 2FA, an additional message with a verification code is sent to the smartphone. Normally, users have to type this code, but with Push to Verify, one can simply click the ‘login’ button in the Authenticator app upon receipt. Then, you are logged in directly.

2-Factor Authentication is the most well-known form of Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA). In addition to the usual username and password, one or more extra security checks are performed. Companies and institutions are increasingly using this to better protect sensitive data and applications against unauthorized use. Until now, user acceptance of such methods has been moderate because extra actions are required. The Push to Verify feature has solved this acceptance problem.

Tjeerd Seinen, co-founder of Tools4ever: Push to Verify makes Two-Factor Authentication much more user-friendly without compromising on security. An extra verification is still sent via a separate channel. However, the user no longer has to type over the code themselves. This removes the biggest barrier to user acceptance of 2FA within organizations.

The HelloID authenticator app with the new Push to Verify functionality is available for free for both Android and iOS. HelloID users can easily download and install the app on their smartphone.

If you would like to receive more information and/or are curious about the possibilities for your organization, please make an appointment or contact us.

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