Tools4ever allows students to log in quickly and easily with a QR badge

Tools4ever allows students to log in quickly and easily with a QR badge

Tools4ever developed a new solution to allow students to log in quickly and securely to computers and tablets. Thanks to a card with a QR code, they have easy access to all their school applications, without complicated usernames and passwords. The SPOM Foundation – a collaboration of primary schools in the municipalities of West Maas and Waal and Druten – was the first educational institution to use this new and innovative Single Sign-On service.
The solution is part of HelloID, the cloud-based Single Sign-On solution from Tools4ever. The student holds their card in front of the camera of the computer or tablet. The HelloID software scans the QR code on the card and identifies the student. They then see a simple personal portal with all the school applications accessible to that student. With one click or tap, the student then selects the desired application. In a few seconds, the students are up and running. Without help from the teacher.

This is important in personalized education tailored to the needs and possibilities of individual students. Digital learning tools play an important role in this, but access to computers is often still a barrier. Especially in the lower grades, it often takes too much time for teachers and teaching assistants to get students started. Thanks to the new HelloID solution with QR badges, this problem is now solved.

Tom van de Geijn, Staff Member ICT and Innovation at SPOM: Thanks to HelloID with QR codes, students can now easily, independently, and quickly log in to their Chromebook. We saw immediate increases in usage after introducing the badges. The computers are now used daily and have become a natural part of our education. Both students and teachers are enthusiastic.

The ability to log in easily and quickly via the QR badge is part of the complete HelloID ‘Identity-as-a-Service’ for schools. HelloID ensures that students with the QR badge have access to learning applications, while access for staff to other administrative and educational systems is regularly secured with usernames, passwords, and if desired, 2-Factor Authentication. Together with the extensive management and audit possibilities, schools are optimally prepared for GDPR and further security requirements. Moreover, HelloID minimizes back-office tasks.

Maikel Baars, Account Manager at Tools4ever: In education, almost every student moves up to the next grade every year, and of course, there are many newcomers and leavers every school year. With HelloID, this process is fully automated. The specific educational process flows and integration with student administration and tracking systems are fully supported. A student’s access profile is automatically adjusted when moving to the next grade.

With the QR code badges, 2400 students across 15 primary schools of SPOM now have daily access to their schoolwork with one simple action. It proves to be a crucial innovation for making personalized, digitally supported education truly accessible.

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