HelloID Business Impact Training

HelloID Business Impact Training

Tools4ever offers the opportunity for free Business Impact training sessions for HelloID. These trainings aim to enable participants to gain more knowledge of the approach from Tools4ever, to understand the operation of HelloID and the ideas behind it and to implement according to best-practice. The Business Impact training focuses in particular on the Provisioning and Service Automation modules.

Purpose of training

These training courses are intended for persons involved in an implementation of HelloID Provisioning and/or Service Automation modules as project leader, consultant or from another predominantly functional perspective. The aim of the training is to gain knowledge of the important topics within HelloID which will have an impact on, and which should be coordinated in advance with the Business in order to achieve a good setup of HelloID.

It is a mainly functional training in which the concepts of Provisioning and Service Automation are discussed and the best-practice approach from HelloID and from a project management perspective according to Tools4ever’s approach.

Examples of what will be discussed:

  • The possibilities and impossibilities of the processes to be set up. This includes onboard, transfer, offboard, reboard and emergency offboard.
  • Setting up Business Rules that ensure the distribution of rights in the most efficient and maintenance-friendly way possible.
  • The best-practice use of Service Automation based products (Products) and delegated forms (Delegated Forms).
  • The project approach as Tools4ever approaches the implementation of HelloID.

Specific operation of different HelloID modules are discussed in the Fundamentals training courses where technical operation is also explained. See the trainings ProvisioningService Automation and Access Management.

Dates of the various training courses

This training is provided upon request. Please complete the registration form below and specify which days would be most convenient for you.

Free remote training

To make the training easily accessible, they will be given remotely via Microsoft Teams. Invitation to do so will be sent one week prior to the training.

1 day (09:00 - 17:00)

  • HelloID
  • Provisioning vs Service Automation modules
  • IDP and HelloID users
  • Provisioning
    • Source Systems
    • Identity Processen
    • Business Rule
  • Service Automation
    • Workflows
    • Self-Service Maturity
  • Project approach

What we expect from participants:

  • Basic knowledge of Provisioning processes
  • Basic knowledge of Service Automation / Self Service processes
  • Basic knowledge of Active Directory
  • Basic knowledge of HR systems


Registration can be done via the form.

Location: Online
Cost: free

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Registration Form for HelloID Fundamentals training: Business Impact

Registration Form for HelloID Fundamentals training: Business Impact

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