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The Implementation of Automated Provisioning with HelloID

Client: L&Q Group

Results: The IT Department at L&Q has seen a significant increase in efficiency with the implementation of HelloID Provisioning. Previously, any necessary changes required contacting Tools4ever, but now, with HelloID, the team can make adjustments independently. L&Q plans to extend their system by adding more connectors for downstream applications. With the support for PowerShell in HelloID, they are confident in their ability to meet the business needs of the enterprise.

“Changes to group memberships based on data from our HR system is a breeze, just a couple of clicks in the HelloID GUI and we are all done for the next scheduled run…”

Michael Nortwood, L&Q Group

Prior to HelloID Provisioning

UMRA, our legacy provisioning solution, launched well before the advent of the hybrid cloud. It has been a reliable and robust solution for many clients, including L&Q, who adopted UMRA in 2006 and have utilized it ever since. However, as time passed and Microsoft introduced Office 365, managing UMRA became increasingly complex. This complexity necessitated multiple UMRA projects running concurrently to fulfill end user requirements. HelloID emerged as the first platform to offer a complete identity ecosystem, featuring Access Control, SSO, Self-Service, Data Management, Delegation, and User Lifecycle Management – all accessible via a single, user-friendly dashboard. HelloID is now adept at reading data from MHR iTrent, enabling the provisioning of new users, updating group memberships for existing users, and disabling accounts for leavers.

Automated account management

L&Q has been using MHR’s iTrent as their HR package for many years. UMRA, hosted on-site by L&Q, was configured to read SQL views from iTrent, encompassing commands for creating, updating, moving, and disabling accounts. To adapt HelloID to L&Q’s needs, it was necessary to include both current users and leavers in a SQL view, allowing HelloID to access the data. Once MHR completed this step, HelloID was able to consolidate user information effectively. From the outset, HelloID was well-prepared to accurately add users to its vault and begin the provisioning process, thanks to the previous use of UMRA at L&Q. The team then formulated business rules for connecting to Active Directory, with the system set to operate on a schedule. Steve Smith of L&Q Group remarked, “Transitioning from UMRA to HelloID smoothly is an accomplishment. Everything is now set for proper synchronization between our HR system and Active Directory.”

Easier to manage, monitor, and make changes

Switching from an aging provisioning system to HelloID has been a refreshing change for L&Q. The older system, nearly 15 years old, had become cumbersome to manage and configure.

Michael Northwood of L&Q Group shared, “Adjusting group memberships based on HR data is straightforward with just a few clicks in the HelloID GUI. We’re ready for the next scheduled run. The reporting and auditing features within HelloID are outstanding, allowing us to track all changes made to Active Directory and Azure AD.”

Service Automation

The next step for L&Q involves implementing the Service Automation module within HelloID. Service Automation brings dedicated Service Desk functions to the Provisioning module and offers Self-Service features for end users. This addition will manage tasks not covered by the provisioning system, such as application password resets, Azure group modifications, and account creations, all supported by advanced workflow processes.