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Two-factor authentication

Tools4ever’s Self Service Password Management has always been available with a web interface, in order to allow users to reset their Active Directory passwords from an intranet or via the web. On the basis of a number of simple, predefined questions end-users can reset their password. Although this has been widely adopted in mostly educational establishments, some form of two factor authentication has been requested by many of our corporate customers.

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Keeping Active Directory Clean

One of the issues that frequently arise, especially in larger organization, is the need to provide contractors, consultants and temporary employees with access to network resources and email. The concept of automating the lifecycle by integrating with a Human Resource system breaks down because these types of employees are rarely entered there.

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Manage Outlook Office Assistant without direct access to the mailbox

A common situation in organizations: an employee is ill and absent for a long period of time and his/her Outlook Assistant is not activated. Result: e-mails are not answered, poor service and angry customers.

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