Connector with TOPdesk FMIS

Connection with TOPdesk FMIS

Many organizations have a central reporting and/or service point in the form of a Facility Management (FM) system. The application manager of TOPdesk should make sure that all employees are registered in this system so that their facility requests can be entered and managed. In addition, Facility Managers must be able to log into TOPdesk. Identity and Access Management (IAM) has a native connection with TOPdesk. With this connection, entities for staff and user accounts for managers are managed automatically.

Connection with HR system

Most FM applications offer a connection directly with an HR system. However, the HR system usually includes only information about permanent employees. Managing facilities for temporary staff is also frequently required. It is therefore important that this group of employees is available in TOPdesk. This is not only relevant for TOPdesk but also for many other systems. IAM offers several options to manage all employees in TOPdesk. One possible option is to extract information on permanent staff from the HR system and to get information on temporary staff through a Workflow Management portal. Combinations between Active Directory, a flex pool system, a data warehouse system are available.

Besides sending information to TOPdesk IAM can also send information from TOPdesk to other systems such as Active Directory, HRM system, Flex Pool System, etc. For example when a change in room number is imported in TOPdesk it is directly updated into the Active Directory.