Connector with Office 365

Connector with Microsoft Office 365

Identity and Access Management (IAM) offers the ability to retrieve information from Microsoft Office 365 and to update it back to Active Directory. Based on information from the Active Directory, a personnel system (SAP, PeopleSoft, ADP etc.), or a request from a manager (Web-based workflow/self-service), IAM can automatically create, change or remove user accounts, e-mailboxes, groups and roles in Office 365 and also reset passwords, rename users and license users for specific components of the package. It's also possible to synchronize a password change carried out in Active Directory to the associated user account within Office 365.

Thanks to this automatic connection, the administrative burden for system and application managers is significantly reduced because it is no longer necessary to perform these tasks manually. End-users also benefit from the short fulfillment times for availability of the user account in Microsoft Office 365.