Connection with Banner

Managing network accounts for students is becoming increasingly complex. Hundreds or even thousands of accounts must be created at the beginning of school year In addition, during the school year changes are made and updates must be performed. Adding to the complexity, students require access to various applications, e-mail environments, the file system and the electronic learning environment.

Much of the data on students has been available in Banner. Identity and Access Management (IAM) ensures that data from Banner automatically, and without manual intervention, becomes available in the Active Directory, Novell (NDS), Unix as well as other educational applications, such as access systems, electronic learning environment, library systems, etc. Any change in Banner is detected by IAM and then the necessary action is performed.

Benefits of the connection with Banner

The benefits of an automated connection between Banner and target system include complete consistency, faster turnaround times for creating accounts, creating accounts accurately and the ability to apply a workflow for approvals and downstream provisioning.