Identity & Access Management as a Service

HelloID is a secure cloud-based Identity & Access Management (IAM) solution. HelloID is a unified cloud-based application that supports the multiple and increasingly complex Identity Management requirements issue within your organization. 

Responding to stricter audits

 IT has become a driving factor for organizations to gain competitive advantage . Tackling the transition from on-premise to cloud forms a major challenge, coupled with the ever more demanding legislation and regulations regarding auditing and security. 

... with less effort

With HelloID, Tools4ever offers a 100% cloud-based Identity Management solution that helps your organization to improve efficiency and respond to compliance requirements. HelloID provides your employees with a contemporary, secure and cloud-based desktop for all of their IT applications. 

... with a low investment

With the benefit of rapid implementation and availability in the cloud, you can take quickly implement your organization’s Identity Management strategy. All with comparatively low investment and minimal management costs. 

Access Management

HelloID Access Management offers employees, partners and even customers uniform and straightforward access to all available cloud applications via a single portal. Authentication takes place with a single user name and password log-in. If desired, two-factor authentication can be used for extra verification.


Open Cloud Applications with a single mouse click

Users gain access to an easy to use dashboard on their laptops, tablets or smartphones.


Users need to log in only once per session

HelloID supports all common Single Sign-On (SSO) protocols to identify and authenticate users automatically for each cloud application. 

Two-factor authentication

For increased security, a pin code can be required with Google Authentication and/or any other industry standard method.

“Catch-All” for any app

Applications that are not standardized for SSO can easily be integrated into HelloID via a 'catch all' option. 

Service Automation

HelloID introduces Service Automation for your IT-department. Users can request access to applications or data via their dashboard in the online portal. Their manager can approve this request with one single click, after which the change is processed and logged automatically in the IT infrastructure.


Simple management

With HelloID you can easily publish and manage your internal IT product catalogue. Users have access to the catalogue via an attractive and user-friendly portal.

Insight for managers

With HelloID, the manager can keep track of which employees are active and which licenses, applications, shares, etc. they are using. 

Reduce the workload for your helpdesk

With HelloID’s self-service and request/approval processes, requests are no longer directed to the helpdesk. This dramatically reduces their workload by removing these repetitive tasks, Data/application access requests can carry compliance and efficiency risks and the helpdesk generally lacks the proper insight regarding how they relate to the user’s business-role. With Hello ID changes are handled and registered uniformly, contributing to a more secure business environment  for your IT department and company. 

Automatically up-to-date

Automated configuration rules ensure that the product catalogue automatically stays up-to-date. For example, a new share is immediately visible in the catalogue.

Data Management

HelloID Data Management modernizes and streamlines access control to your business-critical data. Thanks to HelloID, complicated and error-prone management procedures in the file system and  Active Directory are eliminated. 




Everyone - from project managers to assistants - can manage access to (sub) folders autonomously as a nominated data owner, without the intervention of the helpdesk.

Data owners

A data owner can create groups, automatically assign members of the right groups, create folders or add Access Control Lists (ACLs) to a folder. 

Relief for your IT-department

With HelloID, all data management can now be implemented without burdening the IT department.  

Employee Self-service

Employees can also directly request access from the data owner. 

IAM in the Cloud

HelloID provides Identity & Access Management (IAM) in the cloud. There is no need to invest in premesis based infrastructure with hardware, storage, security and Identity Management software. The installation and configuration are completed quickly withTools4ever providing all subsequent maintenance and management, including automatic updates.

You only have to take care of organization-specific configuration yourself which is very easy with HelloID. The low cost and minimal maintenance requirement deliver greater control and safety – not at their expense. Compared to on-premises options, Identity as a Service (IDaaS) from Tools4ever runs in a highly secure Azure environment. This environment is thoroughly checked every six months by Deloitte Risk Services, ensuring compliance with strict security requirements. 


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