Take SSO on the go

SSO now works outside the office!

Introducing HelloID: The secure cloud-based SSO solution that’s as easy to administer as it is to use

We've all been there; you're in a hurry and you need to log into an application on your smartphone while traveling, and you find yourself struggling with entering your password correctly on that small screen. Worse yet, in the process, you discover that you have to create a new password because the old one has expired.

Wouldn't it be great if you could log in quickly and easily to all of your applications without entering a username and password each time? Say "goodbye" to entering and re-entering login credentials as you move between devices and say "HelloID."

With HelloID, it's as easy for IT and system administrators to grant and revoke permissions to cloud services as it is for end users to access them. By only having a single set of credentials to manage, user administration is a breeze.

Simple, direct access to 100% of your web apps. That's HelloID.

For years, Tools4ever has offered the E-SSOM Single Sign-On (SSO) identity and access management solution that enables organizations to streamline the way passwords are managed and used on their internal network. Now, with the HelloID cloud-based SSO solution, you can provide users with that same level of secure access control for all of their cloud applications as well. HelloID works inside and outside of the corporate network, and provides users with instant accessibility to cloud applications on any device with just the touch of a button. It's that simple.

Best of all, HelloID is 100% compatible with your organization's cloud applications. HelloID supports standard protocols (e.g. SAML) and also has an advanced mechanism to make cloud applications SSO-accessible, even if they don't comply with the normal standards or when the application wasn't designed to be suitable for SSO.

Download whitepaperEnhanced security and compliance with Single Sign-On

HelloID does not only offer benefits to end users. It also provides enhanced security to applications and data and helps your organization to adhere to compliance rules. Would you like to get an insight into how security is handled within HelloID? Download our Security white paper.

One portal provides shortcuts to your cloud applications

One portal provides shortcuts to your cloud applications

HelloID makes accessing applications easy by seamlessly integrating into your organization's portal where users already go for other information. It can also be offered through a familiar URL if a portal interface is not desired.

By integrating HelloID into your existing portal, you make it simple for end users to quickly find and access all the applications they need from a single dashboard. Once logged into the portal, the user sees an overview of the available cloud applications (e.g. Google Apps, Salesforce, Office 365, LinkedIn, Twitter, etc.) and simply clicks on that application's icon. No additional logins are required. Security is maintained and they can get started immediately in the selected application. This makes HelloID exceptionally efficient.

Easily add and manage applications

HelloID offers organizations the ability to configure and manage the solution themselves, using a control panel. The panel lets you easily add new applications for end-users. This means HelloID supports all of your cloud applications, even when a cloud application is not suitable for SSO (for example because it doesn't have SAML support). The control panel offers hundreds of preconfigured application connectors, along with the ability to add new applications easily yourself. Should an application's definition change, Tools4ever will provide adjusted application connectors transparently.

Customizable authentication mechanisms enhance security

Having cloud-based access to business applications is great, but not everyone needs the same apps or the same levels of system access. Before gaining access to the HelloID portal, end users have to identify themselves by any one or a combination of authentication mechanisms - password, PIN code via SMS, soft token, etc. Since each department may have varying identity and access requirements, the HelloID authentication method can easily be set for individuals or groups of users in accordance with evolving organizational requirements. HelloID supports a wide range of authentication methods, e.g. SAML, LDAP, for connecting to external applications, e.g. Active Directory, SQL databases, Web-based applications.

Efficient, Simple SSO Integration

Users are more efficient and more productive

Quick and easy access to cloud applications at any time from any device (desktop, laptop, tablet and mobile phone) without complicated access procedures.

Reductie password reset calls

Simplified identity and access management

Users no longer have to remember multiple passwords for the various cloud applications they use. Once they log into the HelloID portal, one click is all it takes to access the required cloud applications.

100% single sign on

100% Single Sign-On

E-SSOM and HelloID are seamlessly integrated, making it possible to offer end-users 100% SSO irrespective of their location, network connection, end-point device and the application to be accessed.