Combine Secure Single Sign-On with Authentication Management Including Two-factor Authentication

Enterprise Single Sign-On Manager (E-SSOM) strikes the balance between ease of use and compliance with organizational policies

Today's complex business environments call for the perfect combination of accessibility and security. Juggling those two opposing concepts can be a daunting challenge for even the most seasoned IT professionals. Enterprise Single Sign-On Manager (E-SSOM), a key component of the Tools4ever Identity Governance & Administration (IGA) suite, provides the flexibility of customizable options for automation and authentication including: single sign-on, automated login, strong two-factor authentication (2FA), Virtual Desktop Automation (VDA) and WebSSO.

Seamlessly access multiple applications with the Automated Login (AL) Module

Seamlessly access multiple applications with the Automated Login (AL) Module

Gone are the days of end users having to repeatedly login to different applications as they work throughout the day. With the E-SSOM basic Automated Login Module, an end user only needs to log in once with their Active Directory username and password. Automated Login automatically authenticates them for every system and application they use with a single login.

E-SSOM supports integration with almost all external systems and applications. To configure the applications, no coordination with the application supplier is needed.

With Automated Login, you get:

Time savings

Improved Convenience & Productivity

Since multiple logins are no longer required, your end users see an immediate improvement in productivity.

Helpdesk calls

Reduction of Helpdesk Calls

A significant reduction in the number of password reset calls since end-users only need to remember one complex password.

Secure and compliant network

Enhanced Network Security and Compliance

A secure authentication method that results in a safe and compliant network.

Reach for the Cloud with the WebSSO Module

Reach for the Cloud with the WebSSO Module

Historically, offering Single Sign-On access capabilities to cloud applications has been complicated. However, with the E-SSOM WebSSO Module from Tools4ever, end users can be granted access to all cloud applications from any device (PC, tablet, smartphone, etc.) using the same, single username and password they have been assigned in Active Directory.

Transparent Authentication Even Outside of the Company Network

By simply downloading a browser plug-in, end users get direct access to cloud applications even when they are not connected to the company network. The plug-in communicates with the E-SSOM WebSSO module in the company network to pass login credentials which are then securely stored in the internal network rather than some unknown location in the cloud. The operation of the plug-in is fully transparent to end users so for them, it's simply another easy way to access the data they need, even from outside of their corporate network.


Directly Access Cloud Applications

Device Independent

Device Independent Access

End-users can log in via any device: PC, tablet, smartphone, etc. and connect to their applications, no matter where they are.

Improvement in productivity

Improve Productivity

End-users have quick, direct access to cloud applications with a single login, saving time and hassle when working remotely.

SSO anytime

Flexible, Anytime, Anywhere SSO

No matter when they need it or where they need it from, end-users get the convenience of a Single Sign-On experience.