E-SSOM brings time savings to Volvo

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  • Access to more than 35 applications for each of the 1,200 users, using just one set of logon credentials
  • Improved user convenience, time savings and prevention of frustration

Single Sign On brings time savings and enhanced user convenience to Volvo dealership

Beesd A2 is a software supplier and IT service provider for the automotive industry. The organisation was created in 2004 from Volvo Cars Nederland B.V. Beesd A2 is a supplier of solutions such as the dealer management system iDAS, which is used by more than 100 Dutch dealers for inventory management, sales processes and workplace management. "I visit dealers on a regular basis, and in the last few years I have noticed an increase in their use of web applications," comments Tjeu Bollen, the founder of Beesd A2. "For instance, they have to register and unregister cars at the RDW Centre for Vehicle Technology and Information, request online quotations from leasing companies and report damages online." Each of these web applications requires a different user name and password combination. According to Bollen, there are more than 20 applications which staff have to log in to on an almost daily basis. "I heard salespeople complain about this, and saw that they kept a document on their desk with an overview of links to all applications, accompanied by their user names and passwords. I was convinced that this could be handled in a more efficient and secure way."

A single login for all 35 web applications

After reading an article on Single Sign On (SSO) by a Tools4ever consultant in a Dutch IT publication, Bollen was convinced that SSO would be an ideal solution for this situation. Tools4ever subsequently performed a presentation of Enterprise Single Sign On Manager (E-SSOM), and Bollen was impressed by the product's ease of use and fast implementation. End users only have to log in once with E-SSOM, after which they are automatically provided with access to all applications and resources in the network, eliminating the need to login to each application.

"We decided to arrange a pilot at a Volvo dealership," explains Bollen. "During the pilot, Tools4ever was able to make 20 applications ready for SSO in the space of a single day. Five users at that site – three salespeople and two receptionists – were given the chance to test the software during a two-month period. From the very first day, they were highly enthusiastic about the solution. When the two months had ended and the test license expired, they immediately got on the phone and said that they absolutely needed the software." Beesd A2 subsequently presented the solution to the management of the dealer chain, which quickly became convinced of the benefits E-SSOM had to offer. In tandem with Tools4ever, Beesd A2 implemented E-SSOM at all Volvo dealerships - approximately 1,200 users at 110 branches. In total, 35 web applications were made ready for single login using E-SSOM.

"When the two months had ended and the test license expired, they immediately got on the phone and said that they absolutely needed the software"

Tjeu Bollen, Founder of Beesd A2

Time savings and improved user convenience

Volvo staff no longer have to enter credentials for each individual application, spend considerably less time on the login process and are therefore spared a lot of frustration. With regard to ROI, Bollen also comments: "Added to which, the software does not constitute a major investment. Moreover, the costs are distributed among the various branches. This made our decision to select this product very easy."

Quick implementation

The implementation of E-SSOM was very fast and smooth. Any small glitches were quickly remedied. For instance, the implementation was complicated by the fact that the dealership used different versions of Windows. Also there were two smaller dealerships that did not have a server to host the software. "Tools4ever´s consultant provided input for a solution to these problems, so that the dealers in question could yet be connected with relative ease," Bollen concludes.


Tools4ever was able to quickly and cost efficiently deliver a Single Sign On solution for over 110 locations. End users no longer need to remember separate credentials for over 35 applications as SSO reduces this to 1 user name and password. The reduction in calls to the helpdesk for assistance has decreased significantly and employee satisfaction and productivity have increased.