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Significantly reduces calls to service desk & improves user convenience with PSM

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The Salvation Army

  • PSM to synchronise Active Directory and IBM Notes passwords with the help of Service Desk.
  • Significantly reducing calls to Service Desk and improving end user convenience.

Significantly reduces calls to service desk & improves user convenience with PSM

The Salvation Army is a registered charity using Christian priniciples to offer help and support for those in need throughout the globe. With approx. 2500 staff and volunteers, 1500 core offices and 18 Divisions throughout the UK and Ireland, it is one of the UK's most prominent charities.

Christian Cundall, Head of Messaging Services, talks about the need to introduce a new solution for password management "We were using another solution, and it was working very well. However, the solution ran on Windows and we decided to move from a Windows desktop to a zero-client based Citrix desktop. The password changes for Active Directory were done outside of Windows so the solution became defunct."

Effective synchronisation

The organisation needed to find a product that would change passwords in Active Directory as well as IBM Notes and work well with their other pre-existing identity Management solutions. Christian Cundall : “We needed a solution that could change passwords in Active Directory as well as IBM Notes. IBM Notes requires 2 different passwords; an internet ID and a Notes ID file. Tools4ever’s PSM can sychronise all of that. With the script I’ve written it takes about 1.5 seconds. That’s why we chose PSM, it sits really well, doesn’t rely on windows client and does everything on the back end.”

Greater efficiency

With PSM now deployed, password changes can be made swiftly and efficiently without having to rely solely on service desk and security risks are at a minimum. “When we were running the old solution, we always had issues with Active Directory & IBM passwords not synchronising and remaining unchanged. This no longer happens at all. This saves huge amounts of time, we don’t need a client installed on Windows desktop and we don’t need to constantly keep it updated, It just works and we’ve been highly impressed with how good it is.”

“Either service desk are no longer talking to me, or they‘ve had
no issues since we implemented PSM - thankfully it‘s the latter!”

Christian Cundall, Head of Messaging Services at The Salvation Army

Greater user convenience

Since the seamless PSM implementation the positive impact on end users has been noted. User convenience has greatly improved as end users no longer have to remember three different passwords for Active Directory and IBM Notes which, in turn has also had a positive effect on the Service Desk as the volume of password related issues has significantly reduced. “I’ve had great feedback from Support Desk. End users haven’t noticed, which means they’re not having any issues. Previously Password Reset calls were a burden on Service Desk. Now these calls have all been eliminated“ commented Christian Cundall.

Future plans

As with previous Tools4ever installations, The Salvation Army has been very pleased with the results achieved with PSM and praises the team’s customer focus. “The UK team are fantastic to work with. We very much look forward to carrying on our strong working relationship with them” explains Christian Cundall.