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Significantly reducing password reset calls with SSRPM

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  • SSRPM to limit password reset calls to the service desk and improve user convenience
  • SSRPM relieved the service desk of the high volume of password reset calls, allowing them to focus on more network critical issues as well as helping to improve user convenience

Macmillan Cancer Support significantly reduces password reset calls with SSRPM

Macmillan Cancer Support is a registered charity in England and Wales, Scotland and the Isle of Man, working to improve the lives of those affected by cancer. With offices throughout the UK, the service desk supports all 1,400 Macmillan employees.

Harish Vekaria, Senior Infrastructure Support Engineer at Macmillan Cancer Support talks about the need to introduce a more effective way of handling password reset enquiries; "We were experiencing a very high volume of password reset calls which were taking up a great deal of the service desk's time. We could only deal with queries between 8 am and 8 pm on weekdays, and this caused a lot of frustration for the end-user and a backlog of out-of-hours queries for the service desk."

Relieving the service desk of password reset enquiries

Macmillan needed a system to alleviate the disproportionate amount of password reset calls to the service desk so their time could be focused on more critical matters pertinent to the management of the network. SSRPM (Self Service Reset Password Management) was implemented so that password resets could be done quickly and easily by the end-user. Harish Vekaria comments; "SSRPM has made a huge difference to the way the service desk now delegates its time. Thanks to the solution, the service desk is no longer the first contact point for password resets, the majority being done through SSRPM."

Greater user convenience

Macmillan also found SSRPM enhanced the user convenience of their employees. If users forgot their password out of office hours, they were unable to access the network, and this could often lead to difficulties. Since the implementation of SSRPM, this is no longer an issue. "SSRPM now takes care of the majority of our password reset enquiries. This has improved overall productivity for both us and the end-user, and has also relieved a great amount of frustration," explains Harish Vekaria.

"Not only is the software rock solid but the Tools4ever team are great. Any help we've needed has been received promptly and efficiently."

Harish Vekaria, Senior Infrastructure Support Engineer at Macmillan Cancer Support

Simple, customisable software

Macmillan were very pleased with how simple the solution was to install. They were able to roll it out within just a few days and found the whole process very straight forward. They were also impressed with the flexibility of the program, and the ability to customise it to suit their specific needs.

Harish Vekaria comments; "SSRPM was very simple to install, we were also able to customise the look of the site which was great. We considered several other suppliers, but it was the simplicity and customisation of the product that really sold it to us."

Future plans

Macmillan Cancer Support were so pleased with the results they received from SSRPM that they recently implemented Tools4ever's PCM (Password Complexity Manager) solution. James Byrne, Systems Support Manager, comments:

"We recently implemented PCM, and are in the process of fine-tuning it in a test environment, but it's been working very well for us so far. We've found that, unlike a lot of its competitor products, PCM is extremely straight forward to implement and easy-to-use. We've been highly impressed with Tools4ever and their solutions. We would recommend their software and service. I would have no hesitation in using them again."