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  • SSRPM to limit password reset calls and improve the customer journey
  • Data consistency in the network, higher security, compatible with audit requirements

Lifestyle Services Group aim to significantly reduce password reset calls with SSRPM

Lifestyle Services Group is the leading provider of lifestyle services and products, partnering with many major UK High Street banks and mobile networks. It is the biggest single provider of packaged account products and services to the retail banking sector and manages the largest active mobile phone insurance base in the UK. Lifestyle Services Group assists over 10 million customer interactions every year, supporting its client's customers in their mobile life.

Dave Boulton, Service Desk Manager at Lifestyle Services Group, talks about the need to introduce a more effective way of handling password reset calls; "We were experiencing a high volume of password reset calls. Greater than 20% of enquiries to the service desk were password reset related. We are always striving to improve the customer journey and we were looking for a solution that would help us do this."
relieving the service desk of password reset enquiries

The company needed a system to alleviate the disproportionate amount of password reset calls to the service desk so their time could be delegated to more critical matters regarding the management of the network. SSRPM was implemented so that any password resets could be done quickly and easily by the end-user.

Dave Boulton comments; "SSRPM is going to have significant results for the Service Desk with regards to time-management. Rather than having to spend the majority of our time dealing with enquiries, we will now be free to focus on more complex issues."

Higher efficiency

Another key factor that prompted the Lifestyle Services Group to implement SSRPM was enhancing overall efficiency in order to further benefit their clients. The company's agents deal with over 5.1 million inbound sales and service calls per annum. Not having to phone IT to reset passwords can save the agents valuable time, allowing them to spend even more of their day on assisting customers. Customer satisfaction is of paramount importance, and they are constantly striving to deliver as seamless a service as possible.

"With SSRPM, the end-user will no longer have to use the service desk for password issues. They won't have to spend time going through verification and won't have to wait on the phone. " explained Dave Boulton.

"We have found Tools4ever to be very prompt with support and very flexible – willing to adapt to our needs."

Dave Boulton, Service Desk Manager, at Lifestyle Services Group

Further protection to the network

The Lifestyle Services Group was also pleased with the added security offered by SSRPM. When the user is enrolled with SSRPM they must answer a series of questions for verification purposes. In the event that they forget their password they will have to enter the correct answers to these questions before they are allowed access to the network. Although the Lifestyle Services Group had a manual security process, this proved to be very time-consuming for both the end-user and the Service Desk. With SSRPM, verification can be done by the end-user within a matter of minutes. Helping to reduce security risks to the network by identity fraudsters, without a lengthy security process.

Dave Boulton comments; "We had a security process, but no identity management solution in place. We found the extra security that SSRPM offered to be a real bonus."

Future plans

The Lifestyle Services Group is pleased with the progress of its SSRPM implementation and has found the solution to be adaptable and the Tools4ever team to be very flexible. Although they have no planned implementations, they are keen to look into the possibility of employing further Tools4ever solutions.