What is User Provisioning?

What is User Provisioning?

User Provisioning or user account provisioning is a process in Identity and Access Management which ensures that user accounts are automatically created, changed, disabled and deleted. These actions are dependent on staff turnover and changes within the organization (for example commencing employment, promotion and leaving employment).

Manually managing user accounts and permissions is a time-consuming job for the ICT department and much of the information held in the HR system is already up-to-date and ideal for managing user accounts. Varied personnel data is at hand including name and address details, the start and end date of contracts, job titles, the 'manager-employee' relationship, and department. By linking this information with the network, the user provisioning process can be carried out entirely automatically.

Our User Provisioning software establishes a connection between the HR system and user accounts in the network. Every change in the HR system (for example a new employee, change of name, change of job or leaving employment) is detected automatically by our software which then performs the appropriate process automatically. See the table below for examples of changes and procedures:

Examples of changes and procedures:

Starting employment

User account with e-mailbox, home directory and group memberships are created. Depending on the new employee's position, user account and rights are also created in other systems (SAP, Salesforce, TOPdesk, etc.). Tools4ever has more than 150 connectors with a variety of systems.


User account is assigned different rights in the network. Rights are added and/or removed.

Leaving employment

User account is blocked immediately and transferred to another OU.


If desired, the display name and e-mail address are updated.

Location change

Home directory data is transferred to the nearest home directory server.