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Active Directory, Controlled Assessment & UMRA

Traditionally, schools and colleges use UMRA to keep Active Directory up to date, either by reading information from a CSV file, or by dynamically connecting UMRA to their pupil information system such as SIMS, CMIS or SITS.

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Single Sign On (SSO)

Back in July we were contacted by one of the leading Scotch Whisky Distilleries to discuss a project for Single Sign On. Following a brief online demo, the client purchased a small number of ESSOM licenses and entered into an agreement with Tools4ever to conduct a pilot. At this point I was somewhat disappointed that the customer purchased only a handful of licenses, but as the relationship blossomed, it transpired the customer had already been burnt by another vendor!

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Single Sign On

Enterprise Single Sign On Manager , SSO , E-SSOM ,

HR link with Lotus Notes Address Book

With UMRA we create a lot of links from HR systems to Active Directory in order to automate user account management. UMRA is able to collect data that is important for creating, updating and disabling user accounts, with one of the 130+ connectors. As an example, we can read from an HR system when new users are employed or changes occur in titles, transfers to other departments and other associated contact data.

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