Back in July we were contacted by one of the leading Scotch Whisky Distilleries to discuss a project for Single Sign On. Following a brief online demo, the client purchased a small number of ESSOM licenses and entered into an agreement with Tools4ever to conduct a pilot. At this point I was somewhat disappointed that the customer purchased only a handful of licenses, but as the relationship blossomed, it transpired the customer had already been burnt by another vendor!

Oracle E1 and Active Directory

Their main application, which provides access to all of the company's activities from order processing through to delivery, is a web portal based on Oracle's E1. The usernames and passwords for this application were not synchronized with Active Directory. As the system was managed by a team separate from the IT department, password resets created unnecessary and expensive downtime, coupled with end user frustration. The customer insisted that if we could not work with this web portal, the project would most likely be cancelled.

I started the project remotely from our offices in Gloucester and completed installation of the main ESSOM components by 9.30am. This comprises of a Windows Service, a database (from Jet through to SQL) and a small desktop component. The customer then gave me a walkthrough of the E1 system to give an understanding of the portal and at what point we needed to submit the username and password. Most of this was simple, however there was a self service page embedded deep within the web site that had challenged other vendors. Although I needed to brief another consultant we still completed the first phase by lunch time.

It was then time to put the call into the customer and show him what I had done. Never have I had such an excited and enthusiastic response following a live demo! The customer informed me that the other vendor had taken three months to reach the conclusion that they could not work with the self service page on the web site.

Single Sign On on core applications

We have now completed Single Sign On for three of their core applications. The web portal, a standard Windows executable and a Citrix published application.

The final phase was to install SSRPM, to enable end users to securely reset their Active Directory password from the Windows GINA. Now, the customer has a complete and effective system, ready to roll out to the enterprise.

Enjoyable work!

Tools4ever's Enterprise SSO Manager (E-SSOM) is an organization-wide Single Sign-On software solution enabling end-users to log in just once, after which access is granted automatically to all the authorized network applications and resources. E-SSOM operates as an extra software layer intercepting all log-in processes and completing the details automatically. Once the end-user has logged into the network, E-SSOM takes over the log-in process further and initiates an automatic log-in to all the applications and systems to which the end-user has access.