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E-SSOM is Installed at Volvo Dealerships

Tools4ever’s E-SSOM is Installed at Volvo Dealerships

Tools4ever's Enterprise Single Sign On solution is implemented for 35 (web) applications at 110 branches for over 1,200 Volvo employees.

Tools4ever, a market leader in Identity and Access Management solutions, has implemented its single sign on software solution - E-SSOM - at all 110 branches of Volvo Cars in The Netherlands. Volvo employees at these dealerships have to login to an average of 20 different applications a day, each of which requires a different combination of login credentials – as such staff were spending a great deal of time logging in and out of systems. The dealerships were looking for a solution to this time-consuming issue. A total of 35 generic applications (including inventory management, sales and workplace management suites) were made ready for single sign on with the help of E-SSOM. The implementation was carried out in collaboration with Beesd A2, the dedicated software supplier and IT service provider to Volvo Cars Nederland B.V.

Car dealerships are now using web applications more and more. For instance, they are required to register and unregister cars at the RDW Centre for Vehicle Technology and Information, request online quotations from leasing companies and report damages online. All these web applications require a different user name and password. In order to remember all of these unique login credentials, employees would keep documents with links to applications detailing the login credentials or would write down passwords on sticky notes.

During a successful pilot at one of the dealerships, the value of single sign on software quickly became apparent to the employees. Three salespersons and two receptionists tested the software on site over a period of two months. From the very first day, they were highly enthusiastic about the solution, as they saved valuable time by not having to login to each and every application.

Tjeu Bollen, the founder of Beesd A2, relates his experiences with E-SSOM: "When Tools4ever presented the solution at our office, I was impressed by the product's ease of use and how fast Tools4ever was able to implement the solution. During the pilot, Tools4ever was able to make 20 applications ready for Single Sign On in just one day. The success of this pilot and the relatively low costs made our decision to select this suite very easy."