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Tools4ever Enhances Security for HelloID by Extending Access Policies

Tools4ever Enhances Security for HelloID by Extending Access Policies

Tools4ever, a market leader in Identity Governance and Administration (IGA), introduces an advanced mechanism to regulate access to HelloID. HelloID is a cloud-based, single sign-on solution that allows users to quickly open web applications from inside or outside the company network on a tablet, smartphone or laptop.

With HelloID, a user logs on just once and can access all authorised web applications. This allows end users to be more efficient and productive, as they have one clearly defined portal with all necessary applications available after the single log in.

To maintain user convenience, but also enhance security, it is now possible to add additional access rules. Specific rules can be configured to exclude, for example, any login attempt outside a specific country. It can also be configured to require any login attempt outside the business network to provide additional verification (two factor authentication). Furthermore, access to highly sensitive applications can be prevented from mobile devices outside office times.

HelloID offers an extensive set of rules that can be applied to secure the login to the portal, according to the specific needs of the organisation.

"Our web based Single Sign-On solution, HelloID, makes it easier for the end user to get secure access to his or her applications," says Robert Doswell, Managing Director of Tools4ever, Ltd. "To ensure greater security, we integrated this new set of access rules to provide additional options for our customers."