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Tools4ever uses UMRA & Sophos connector

Tools4ever uses UMRA & Sophos connector to automate complex user management processes

Tools4ever - a market leader in Identity & Access Governance solutions, has significantly improved user management processes at Riverside Group through creating a connector with their user management software UMRA, password management and reset solutions PSM & SSRPM and Sophos Enterprise Console.

The connector allows end-users to take advantage of the password reset benefits that Tools4ever's SSRPM offers, whilst logging in via the Sophos solution. It also allows IT to automate time-consuming user management processes within Active Directory and Sophos Enterprise Console.

Mark Doyle, Network Infrastructure Analyst at Riverside Group explains how the connector works for them: "We had issues with keeping certificates within Sophos Enterprise Console in sync with AD and changes to AD passwords. With the connector, when a user or Service Desk reset a password in AD the change is captured by UMRA. When we run Sophos, UMRA makes API call to the database, it finds the user in the Sophos database. It then deletes the certificate and recreates it using the password from PSM."

"As you can see, this process is quite complex, if we had to do this manually it could cause many potential nightmares & delays. Calls to the Service Desk would increase by quite some margin." He added: "Thanks to the automation that the software and connector provides we have reduced the complexity of this process and the frequency of calls to the Service Desk".

To find out more about how the connector can be set up with Tools4ever solutions, Sophos Enterprise Console and Sophos security software such as SafeGuard please click here.