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Connector With Sophos

Tools4ever Develops Connector With Sophos

Tools4ever, a market leader in Identity & Access Management (IdM) solutions, has developed a connector for Sophos - Security and Data Protection Suite.

The connector allows end-users to take advantage of the password reset benefits that Tools4ever's SSRPM offers, whilst logging in via the Sophos solution.

The average employee has to use multiple applications and systems on a daily basis in order to carry out the requirements of their job. Each of these applications requires a set of login credentials. Unsurprisingly, with all these credentials to remember, end users often forget their passwords. This can be a frustrating for both the IT department and the end user as IT have to manually rectify the issue and end users usually have to wait for access to their accounts. This situation can lead to unwanted delays as IT are distracted from more network critical projects and end users cannot carry on with their work.

Tools4ever's password reset solution SSRPM allows end-users to reset their password themselves on the basis of a number of simple, predefined questions. Allowing end users to access the network securely without delay, and meaning IT doesn't need to be bogged down with constant password reset issues.

Managing Director of Tools4ever, Ltd Robert Doswell commented; "SSRPM supports Windows, Unix, Mainframe, Novell, Lotus Notes, AS/400, Citrix, amongst many others, and we are very pleased to announce Sophos as a new addition to this extensive list."

Self Service Reset Password Management (SSRPM) by Tools4ever can reduce calls to Helpdesk by 20% and features 24hr availability & Helpdesk Caller Identification. End users can reset passwords from any location, at any time.