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Self-Service Dashboard for Managing Outlook Data

Tools4ever allows End Users to be responsible for their Outlook data

Company introduces self-service dashboard for managing Outlook data

Tools4ever, a market leader in Identity & Access Management (IDM/IAM) solutions, now offers employees the ability to manage their personal Outlook data using a dashboard. Previously, if end users wanted to update their personal data published by Outlook, they had to notify the IT department. With Tools4ever's self-service dashboard, end-users can control their personal details in applications such as Outlook, allowing IT departments to work more efficiently as they are relieved of time-consuming administrative tasks.

Tools4ever's User Management Resource Administrator (UMRA) retrieves information from the HR system and automatically populates the dashboard with the employee's basic details. The dashboard then draws a distinction between data that cannot be changed by employees, such as HR details, and secondary data, such as the employee's room number, internal address, location, building section, pager, phone and fax – which can be modified directly by the end user. Where employees are likely to enter erroneous details , e.g. room number and location, a selection from a drop down menu can be provided, rather than free-form text, to ensure data is accurate.

After changes have been made by the end user, UMRA transfers the modified data directly to the systems where the changes need to be implemented; Active Directory and Exchange being the primary targets. Tools4ever can supply UMRA as an out-of-the-box solution , or it can be customised to suite the specific needs of the organisation.

Robert Doswell, Managing Director of Tools4ever, Ltd comments:"One of our key aims is to relieve IT departments of the overwhelming amount of time-consuming user-management tasks, which most of them face on a daily basis. Our UMRA Identity & Access Management solution gives end users a self-service portal with which they can request, check and approve certain functions independently – saving the IT department valuable time and resources. By listening to feedback from customers, we identified the need for organisations to handle various other processes in the same way — modification of Outlook data being one of them." To find out more about Tools4ever's UMRA solution, click here.