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Manage user accounts and DIGIPASS tokens automatically with Tools4ever’s Identity Management solution

Optimum security and uniform management with Tools4ever’s Vasco IDENTIKEY connector

Manage user accounts and DIGIPASS tokens automatically with Tools4ever's Identity Management solution

Tools4ever, a market leader in Identity Governance & Administration (IGA), has developed a connector for the Vasco IDENTIKEY Authentication Server. This connector makes it possible to manage user accounts and DIGIPASS tokens automatically in IDENTIKEY with Tools4ever’s Identity Management solution, IAM.  For example, the connector enables a DIGIPASS token to be linked automatically to an Active Directory account during a new employee’s registration process. If the employee leaves their employment, the linked DIGIPASS token can then be easily released. Thanks to this connector, organisations using the Vasco IDENTIKEY can manage user accounts and DIGIPASS tokens easily and uniformly, without too much intervention from an application administrator, whilst also complying with the strictest security requirements.

Alongside the options mentioned above, IAM can reset or update the PIN code of a Vasco token directly in the Vasco IDENTIKEY Authentication server. If an employee has forgotten his token, a temporary log-in code can be assigned to the token from the Vasco connector.

All IDENTIKEY Authentication Server users are given a DIGIPASS token. Vasco’s DIGIPASS offers a large number of devices for user authentication, which include both software and hardware solutions. This solution verifies authentication requests from end-users trying to gain access to the corporate network or business solutions.

Tools4ever offers a broad range of application connectors, with which user accounts can easily be managed in a wide variety of target applications from one central source, for example, the HR system or Active Directory. Managing from one central point prevents errors, lowers the administrative burden on the IT department, and helps with reports as well as audits.   

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